Sweet Living Issue 4

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Sweet Living Issue 4 out now
Introducing… Sweet Living Issue 4. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! The fourth issue of Sweet Living. We hope you like our latest issue as much as we do.

Sweet Living magazine Issue 4 out now

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It’s packed full of crafts, DIYs, delicious recipes and free printables, plus there’s our usual readers’ money-saving tips, and a section on the best fruit trees for growing a mini orchard.

We have the cutest toys for you to make, plus some fabulous party ideas for your little ones. And your big ones.

So then… on to the mag. And happy reading.

If you’re having trouble viewing from the link below




A peak inside:

DIY cake pops

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DIY party costumes

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Party printables

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Crochet teddy bear DIY

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  1. Deborah Brown says

    Great as always….lots of lovely things to try

  2. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!

  3. so totally fabulius..very inspired now..shame its bed time…mmmm..tomorrow will be busy!

  4. One way to promote the magazine might be to post on Pinterest. I have a board called “DYI”, as a lot of folks do. If we pinned pics from the articles under this category, I do believe that it would help spread the word.
    Sue M
    A Word Fitly Spoken on Etsy.com

  5. Fabulous magazine, thank you but I’m wondering if there Is there any way of saving the magazine for future reference? Also, when viewing on an ipad none of the hyperlinks from the articles seem to work. There are so many ideas I want to try I’m just trying to work out whether there is a more useful way for me to view this so any suggestions as to how to use would be welcome!

    • Hi Lucy. There are two things you can do. You can actually print the magazine if you sign up with Issuu. It’s free to sign up. What happens is you download a pdf, then you can print that. The second thing is when you are signed up with Issuu you can bookmark each publication, as well as follow Sweet Living. You can, of course, bookmark the web page through your internet browser if that’s much easier. As regards to iPad, you can view the magazine but unfortunately you cannot get to any of the links. Issuu have submitted an app to Apple three times but it has been rejected. It’s very disappointing but they do say they are working on something else so hopefully this will not be too far away.

      • Thanks Jane. I am signed up with issuu and am a subscriber so I can access your lovely magazine as long as I have an Internet connection. Unfortunately I have no printer! However I will look out for the iPad app… Cheers!

  6. Hi Jane
    Congratulations on a Superb magazine you have catered for all ages and the projects are fantastic showing the readers so many different crafts and techniques
    The best craft magazine I have seen for a long time
    Thank you

  7. I received this mag from a friend and I look forward to every issue thanks for all the great ideas. Keep up the good work Cheers Lee

  8. Love it

  9. Hi there, as a creative art director of some agencies in the world,I find your magazine
    fantastic and very interactive. Cove to cover contents are very useful. This is the fist time
    I have seen such a marvelous magazine that will cater to all walks of life. Very creative
    in looks and ideas. I will share this to all my friends in facebook. My 25 cents suggestion:
    Invite contributors and have a page just for them in your magazine. Publish some of the
    comments you have received and acknowledge them. Give sample copies to airlines. People
    traveling are looking for something to read when traveling. Hope this help. Rudy

  10. Have whiled away the wee hours, surfing your mags, listning to Norah Jones {The Fall}. So lovely and full of inspiring ideas.

  11. Thank You for a great magazine.

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