Sweet Living – Issue 2

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It’s here! The second issue of Sweet Living has hit the cybershelves, and we’re super excited. It’s packed full of delicious recipes, cute crafts and free downloads, plus heaps of money-saving tips from our readers. But don’t take our word for it. Click on the link below to view the magazine now. And don’t forget to post a comment below – we love your feedback! Happy reading.

If you’re having trouble viewing from the link below,



A peak inside:

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Heat pad diy

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Preserving your harvest

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Preserving your harvest. Jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles.

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paper dolls

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  1. great magazine .. I’ve read it all and will have to keep coming back to now do all the activities. Great ideas and inspiration. Thanks very much for making this accessible to us all.

  2. Joe Sefton says

    Delicious Cover page xx

  3. Paulette says

    WOW!!! Love this issue! Was sad to reach the end….will read it again a few times I am sure!
    Love the details and the brilliant articles! THANK YOU for all the effort!!

  4. Katrina Williams says

    Another amazing amazing issue. Just love it. Think it is the best best magazine ever!!!, colourful, practical, etc etc. Every page holds your interest and holds it right to the end of the magazine. Fantastic.

  5. Love it! Gorgeous layout, great ideas, lovely and bright and luscious!

  6. Hi Jane, What a beautiful magazine and chock full of great ideas – and its FREE! Well done, looks like a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and time has been spent putting it together. Let me know if you ever need recipes, food photos etc, as would love to be part of your delicious mag. Ingrid x

  7. Fantastic magazine, so many great ideas and talk about perfect timing with the preserving article. Harvested what I’m sure will be the last of my strawberries and was going to hunt round for a recipe to make jam – but there it is on page 27 ! Thanks for heads up on the pectin levels … bit of a novice jam maker but eager to try it out. Next might be the adorable pear shaped pastries yum.

  8. What a wonderful magazine! I will be following every issue now! 🙂

  9. What a lovely magazine. I kinda want to go and make some jam now!
    Thanks for featuring my little bunnies. Can’t wait to try out some of the other toy projects too.

  10. I absolutely loved finding your magazine…i have looked at both copies, they are awesome…keep up the wonderful job you are doing…so much inspiration ox

  11. takes so long to view a wonderful publication when you only have dailup

  12. Gillian Johnson says

    Great discovery!

  13. Love Love your magazine…love it’s on line…spent over an hour just loving every page.
    Passed this along to all my friends.

  14. What an amazing Magazine! I love the page(s) layout and design and the content is so comprehensive and well written not to mention the illustrations.
    I have already found several ideas that I want to try. Thanks for all the hard work that you and your team have done to make this website and magazine possible!

    Your new fan and follower,

  15. Atihcnoc says

    Love, Love, Love! your magazine, love everything about crafts, food, paper crafting, templates etc. etc. Thank you for this beautiful gift!

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