Simple DIY jobs for around the home

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Interior-design-DIYTurn on the TV these days and it seems like everyone’s doing it themselves. That’s right – society’s in the grip of a DIY revolution. Why not get in on the action and add some personal touches to your home? Whether you’re a novice, a renter, or looking for some quick bang for your DIY buck, here are five simple jobs to add your personal touch to your home.

Room Revamp

If you’re looking to revamp an entire room and give it a fresh lease on life then some simple window treatments could be the ticket. And where better to start than with the DIY job of installing new curtains or blinds? Whether you would like the clean lines of roll-up blinds, the crispness of horizontal blinds or the plush comfort of curtains, window treatments are easy to come by and quick to install. Usually all that’s required is a drill and measuring tape, and instructions are typically included in the packaging. Complement your new window treatment with some cushions, a rug or lamp from stores such as A-Mart and your room will have a whole new lease on life.



One of the best ways to clear clutter or display ornaments is to invest in a little shelving. There are some great and easy to install shelving options available at the moment where you can fix individual or a cluster of shelves to your wall to create a fabulous effect. Add a couple of pot plants, photo frames or prized possessions and suddenly a wall is transformed from a dull space into something intriguing and unique.


Wall Art

If your wall is a blank canvas then why not create a feature piece of art? To capture the heart of your home, create a collage out of matching photo frames. All that’s required is a few frames, some picture hooks, and a level to ensure your images are hung evenly. If you’re not into photos, then you can do the same with ready-made wall art. If you’re into vintage, grab a couple of second hand mirrors and create a mirror cluster.


Feature Wall

When you really want to reinvent and reinvigorate your room, a feature wall might be in order. For only a small effort and minimum cost, you can embrace colour by painting the whole wall. There are some great painting tools to ensure your wall has a professional finish and edging. You could also hang wallpaper that will add new life to your room. These days, wallpaper is easy to apply with a little patience.


Planter Box

If you’re looking to focus on the great outdoors and liven up an entertaining area, then a planter box is a simple DIY option. Built to suit your outdoor area, the box can provide the perfect base to create a screen of plants or miniature garden that will really freshen up the area. Most hardware stores can provide timber cut to size or even kits to get you on your green-thumbed way.


There’s a real sense of accomplishment that comes from adding your own handiwork to your own home, and any improvement is something you will get to enjoy day in, day out.

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