Roasted Brussels sprout, pumpkin & pecan salad

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By Jane

Make Life Easy

This side salad is really tasty and very easy to make. Just bung everything in the oven and roast! Serves 4-6

Roasted Brussel Sprout, Pumpkin & Pecan Salad

400g Brussels sprouts, halved
400g pumpkin, skin and seeds removed and cut into cubes
1 cup pecans
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper
2-3 tablespoons honey

1. Preheat oven to 200deg C (400deg F).

2. Place Brussels sprouts, pumpkin and pecans in a large mixing bowl. And oil and salt and pepper to taste, and toss to cover.

3. Transfer vegetables to an oven dish and roast for 20 minutes.

4. After 20 minutes, remove from oven and drizzle honey over vegetables. Return to oven and roast for a further 10 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender.

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