Reuse old shutters

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Recyling-shuttersNo need to turf out those old shutters. Turn them into useful storage racks.

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We love the idea of recycling items that are no longer required for their original purpose. Here, old shutters have been turned into a handy letter rack with storage for keys, a pot rack for easy kitchen storage, and a nifty plant holder for indoor or outdoor use.

You could also use weatherproofed shutters outdoors for holding tools or other gardening equipment.

Simply sand down your shutters, give them a new coat of paint, add hooks… and voila! They are ready for their new role. If using outdoors, make sure you prime your shutters before painting to ensure a longer life.

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If you’re making a plant holder, sphagnum moss will hold the succulents in nicely. For other plants, like herbs or potted colour, tack some wire mesh onto the back of the shutter to hold the plants in.

The garden shutters come from Etsy seller Lolivia Gifts.

The letter rack was done by Samantha Elizabeth.

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