Quick DIY horse soft toy

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Horse-soft-toyThis cutesy horse is a breeze to make. Even non-sewers could whip this up.

You need:

Fabric, for horse body
Piece of red felt, for heart
Scrap faux fur
Permanent markers or fabric paint, for painting face


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There is no need for a pattern. Simply draw the shape of a horse onto a piece of paper (use our image as a guideline as to the shape) – no legs are required. Add on an extra 6mm (¼ inch) to your pattern for seam allowances.

Cut out the pattern, then pin it to a piece of fabric that’s folded in half. Cut out the horse shape – you will have 2 pieces. On the right side of one of the pieces, hand-stitch a felt heart.

Cut scrap fur to size – the size of a mane and tail. Place one horse shape on a flat surface with the right side of the fabric facing up. Position the fur tail and mane in place, with the fur facing inwards. Place the remaining horse shape on top, with the right-side of the fabric facing down.

Pin together then hand or machine stitch around the horse shape, leaving a gap at the chest area for filling. Turn the horse right side out and stuff. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

Paint on a face.

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