Make a cork trivet

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Cork-trivet-DIYPut those old wine corks to good use and make this nifty trivet for your hot saucepans.

This cork trivet is super easy to make. In fact, you can complete it in under an hour. If you don’t have a big enough stash of corks, ask friends and neighbours if they have any lying around. Or you can buy them cheaply enough at home brewing stores.

You need:

Metal strap tie or adjustable metal band (available from hardware stores)
Glue gun


1. Hot glue the corks together to form a circle.

2. Take your metal strap tie, and secure it around the corks. That’s it!


  1. I just included your cork trivet tutorial in a Buzzfeed list I currated called “16 Gifts You Can DIY From Stuff You Already Have Lying Around.” Just wanted to say thanks for the great DIY idea!


  2. Feel free to share the Buzzfeed list with your followers. The more traction it gets, the better for all of us.

    Happy crafting!



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