Knit a garden variety fairy

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Fairy pattern
We think you will fall in love with this knitted fairy, just like we did. From her wonderful green hair to the intricate details of her dress, she is truly adorable.

The very talented Tausigma made this and has included photos and instructions (if you don’t have an account on Ravelry, it’s free to sign up) on how she created her fairy. The pattern for making the garden variety fairy has been adapted using the Sally the eco fairy pattern created by Jennie Eveleigh.

Go ahead and give it a go, and make your very own fairy. Why not try orange or purple hair? We would love for you to post us a photo of your completed fairy (or just post us your completed fairy!).


  1. Wonderful fairy doll variation. Love the galoshes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I cannot find this pattern on Ravelry! Help please!!

    • Hi Sue
      Have you created an account? You have to create an account (it’s free) to sign in to Revelry. Once you are in there, up the top under ‘project pattern’ you will see a link that takes you to the pattern. You should also read the notes and links on what she did to create her own fairy.

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