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Author Margaret Fulton is one of Australia’s leading and best-loved cookery experts. She’s even been nominated by the Australian National Trust as an Australian Living National Treasure. And in 2009 she was named by a Sydney Morning Herald panel as one of the 25 Australians who has most changed the nation. You get the picture. She’s very good at what she does.

In her new book, Slow Cooking, Margaret brings over 40 years of experience to show us how to create succulent, delicious dishes with the slow cooker. First published in 1976 as The Margaret Fulton Crock-Pot Cookbook, this has been fully reworked for use with current day appliances and methods, with the assistance of Margaret’s daughter Suzanne Gibbs (a leading food writer in her own right), and accompanied by brand new full-colour photography throughout.

There are recipes for a wide range of dishes, including soups, meats, roasts, fish, vegetables, lentil meals, bread and cakes, desserts, bottled fruit and breakfasts. Just set and forget your slow cooker, and serve dishes cooked to perfection.

Slow Cooking
Margaret Fulton
RRP $49.99
New Holland

We have 1 copy of Slow Cooking to give away. TO GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN A COPY, all you have to do is post a comment below. Anything will do. You can just say hello, if you like. Though we’d love to read your thrifty tips for the kitchen.


WINNER: Marilyn Samuels


  1. I’m useless with my slow cooker- I think I need some help!

  2. Raychael Case says

    Would love to win this for Mother’s Day!

  3. Hi, Ive recently been learning to make roast chicken into three meals, first the roast with veges and roast potatoes, second night making a chicken risotto or pilaf and the third a chicken sew or soup – Im amazed at much I’m learning to stretch our food bill when needing to feed our family!

  4. Bronwyn says

    Slow cooker yumness!

  5. Charlotte Daly says

    There is nothing quite so heavenly as a meal carefully made with heart. I applaud the slow cooking revolution. Mindful and fulfilling, its a beautiful thing.

  6. jodi mclean says

    I would love this for fresh ideas for my slow cooker 🙂

  7. I love cooking with my crock-pot & not only in winter! I have two elderly lovely ladies who look after our dog when we go away. I always struggle with what to give them as a gift for looking after her, but found out the other day that they don’t have a crock-pot!! Couldn’t believe my luck, so next time we leave Bonnie with them I will get a crock-pot for them. The recipe book would be wonderful to go with it!!

  8. We do ’round up’ meals once a week, usually a soup or lasagne, where we round up and use up anything likely to go off in the next day or two. Ie tonight we has lasagne with pumpkin scooped out when making lanterns, 1/2 of a week opened fera, scraps of mozzerella and mushrooms left over from pizzaand some baby cougettes that got frosted last night in the garden. I should try out a slow-cooker round up!

  9. Lesley B says

    Margaret Fulton is the queen of thrift as well as a great cook.Using the crockpot to cook beans etc means it saves you having to buy tins of them.I usually do a crock full of chickpeas and freeze in meal size pots.It also saves power and time.

  10. slow cooking now that would be great – I have one of those – currently it’s an ornament…I have tried it but my creation well it wasn’t even liked by the dogs and that’s sad

  11. Debbie Penlington says

    I love the thought of using my slow cooker for bread, cakes and desserts as well as the more tradiitonal soups, would love to win what sounds like a truly inspiring read

  12. My slow cooker = best friend!

    • Marg Zander says

      The slow cooker is the best i,ve made. have 2 now, use two , three times a week. the most beautiful meals are in slow cookers

  13. My dad loves slow cooking so this would make a fantastic present for him. Or I could just make him some of the recipes 😛

  14. Sounds like we should be buying a slow cooker for winter

  15. I would love to learn how to use my slow cooker!!

  16. Margaret Fulton taught so many of us to cook and here she continues the trend with a reasonably modern appliance – I own one but am often at a loss asto how to get the best use of it. This book would be an asset in the kitchen.

  17. Haven’t had a lot of success with the slowcooker. Hopefully Mrs Fulton can show me the way

  18. I love my slow cooker in winter! I make stews nice n chunky, and we love a good soup! I have a huge cooker so we get about 3 meals for 5 out of ours! Soup the first night, add coconut milk the second night so it tastes a bit different, 3rd night I spice it up to a thai curry and we have it over rice or pasta! Of course it gets thicker every day and I can turn it on low a couple of times during the day to make sure it stays fresh and safe!

  19. Slow cooking – this book may improve my cooking!!

  20. I would love this. I need more recipes so I can use my slow cooker more often, especially since winter is just around the corner.

  21. A friend just sent me over here after I have been complaining of not having much success with my slowcooker :/

  22. I have just got my first slow cooker. Please help!!

  23. This would be great to try out some new recipes for winter 🙂

  24. carolyn abraham says

    i really like to do slow cooking so this would be a great help

  25. Margaret Fulton truly is a treasure – along with every cookbook that she has published. Her innovative ideas coupled with good ‘old-fashion’ handy hints are invaluable

  26. Jo Taylor says

    I love using the slow cooker, but would love to extend my repertoire beyond beef casserole!

  27. Pam Aitken says

    Just starting out on my own again at 65 and bought my first slow cooker and would like heaps of advice on how to get the best results.

  28. Love my slow cooker! I make two nights worth, and then have a night off!

  29. Veronica Donaldson says

    Would love this book. Experimenting with some different receipes out of my head but they all come out a bit similar. Some fresh ideas and guidence are needed I think.

  30. Paul Greenfield says

    I love a good slow cooker meal. You can’t seem to go wrong no matter what your throw in and the convenience of being able to come home and dish up dinner is just perfect.

  31. Love my slow cooker but lack inspirational ideas for it, they are a must for the busy working Mum to fill the teen tums over winter

  32. Katherine says

    I need some inspiration for my slow cooker!

  33. Ngaire M Phillips says

    If I won this book I would learn how to better use my new slow cooker.

  34. I love Margaret Fulton recipies & I sure love my slow cooker!

  35. I really don’t make the most of my slow cooker – this book would help enormously now that we have two additional little mouths to feed! And we could use lots of our veggies from the garden – yum!

  36. I would love to make bread in my slow cooker, I only need the instructions, pretty please!

  37. Nikki Griffin says

    The slow cooker is every house wifes dream

  38. If I win, I will def go out and buy me a slow cooker lol

  39. Shirley Hastings says

    Love Margaret Fulton!

  40. Paulette says

    Would really love to win a copy of this book for winter…I have never had/used a slow cooker before….does it save electricity?


  41. blueberry says

    Have just bought one for me and one for my Daughter , have yet to look at the range of recipe book available , but if I won this book I dont think I would have to look at any other recipe book as Margaret Fulton rocks

  42. leanne Odoome says

    nice and fresh ideas. Love them.

  43. Mel Doogan says

    I love my slow cooker, use it more often than my oven! Always looking for new recipes!

  44. what a fantastic prize – especially with the temperatures dropping at present!

  45. Please enter me in the prize draw – I would love to win

  46. I love Margaret Fulton’s recipes they are always so easy to follow

  47. Sounds like a great book – I have just purchased my first slow cooker so this would be a great addition to my cookbook shelves

  48. I’m an experienced chef but new to slow cooking and I’m always wondering what to make in mine. would love to win this book!

  49. Thrifty tips for the kitchen.. hmm…. I was going to say use your slow cooker but that seems obvious as that is what the whole book is about, so instead how about I suggest… make your own coffee/hot choc/chai tea at home rather than buying it at the cafe & drinking it on the way home!!

  50. I would love to add Margaret Fulton’s book to my receipe collection. Slow cookers are a life saver on a busy night.

  51. Leslie Whitehead says

    Please enter me into the draw for this book as I need more recipes for using my slow cooker as it sits in the cupboard alot as I dont know what to cook in it.

  52. Raywyne says

    Rather than spending up to three dollars for about 250grams of hummus take the time to make it in bulk and freeze it.I especially like my roast pepper, garlic and lemon zest.It freezes well and more healthy on toast than butter.Love to go in the draw for book please.

  53. Deborah Brown says

    Perfect timing great for meals for the colder weather

  54. I have only just joined your amazing online magazine and am so glad I found you! I am mainly a crafter, so your magazine really appeals to me in that respect. But I have been enjoying all you articles! I have a slow cooker and don’t use it enough. Maybe this cookbook would be enough for me to pull it out of the cupboard more often!

  55. Disne Szaniszlo says

    I love my “crock pot”, I have a real old one but it still works so I can’t bring myself to get a new one. Always looking for new recipes . I plug mine in outside in the so I don’t smell up the whole house

  56. Love to win this book for my daughter, she is also a mother and has a slow cooker. Would be great for her as she has two boys, aged 4 and 6 months!

  57. I love my slow cooker but need some fresh ideas!!

  58. Marilyn Samuels says

    Margaret Fulton is the best. I was given an old book of hers from my mum, Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery, which I refer to all the time. It’s kinda like an Edmonds Cookery Book, another cooking staple, but even bigger and better. I’ve just bought a slow cooker, so this book would be perfect!

  59. Alison Arney says

    Pumpkin Soup in the slow cooker is fantastic.
    Throw everything in it in the morning, at night whizz with your stick blender and its ready to serve!!!

  60. Love Margaret’s style of cooking have been using her books since 1973!!!! and j ust love slow cooking and Sweet Living On Line Mag.

  61. Rochelle Laurence says

    ahhh nothing like throwing everything in the slow cooker and coming home to a delish meal… 🙂

  62. Sara Speight says

    I love the slow cooker in winter!

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