How your garden could earn you thousands

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Selling your home? Pimp your garden and you could earn thousands more. The experts tell us how.

Spring is here, making it the perfect time to consider revamping your front or backyard – especially if you’re thinking of selling. Potential homebuyers will make their first impression on your property from the ‘curb appeal’. While renovating the bathroom and kitchen are popular choices, your gardens can bring the greatest lasting value. Gardens that are tidy and well planned not only speed up the sale time but can also add 16% to the value of your property. That’s quite a chunk in today’s housing market.

Director of Napier valuation firm My Valuer Andrew White mentioned, “Properties often sell within the first 10 seconds of viewing, so first impressions are what count.”

So what can you do to maximise these areas?

Andrew goes on to say: “Six years ago I valued a property in Hawke’s Bay where the owners were hoping to achieve a $250,000 sale price. They were offered $220,000 but declined, instead opting to invest a further $500 into planting and making the outside more attractive. Within a week they sold their home for $255,000.”

Even a small revamp can add dollars to your sale price. If you’re looking for a quick, professional garden clean-up, you should consider contacting the experts, like Crewcut. Some of their services include: mowing the lawns, getting rid of weeds, trimming trees and hedges, water-blasting, and removing the garden waste.

Some other handy tips to consider when redesigning your garden space include:

  1. Lining your driveway with trees. This translates to wealth and status of the home owner.
  2. A garden surrounded by a hedge or ‘shrub wall’ makes the owner feel like they are in an intimate and safe area.
  3. Engage your green fingers by creating a veggie garden. It doesn’t need to be big or extravagant, but it is very popular to grow-your-own produce. This will definitely appeal to those who are looking to live and eat more organically.
  4. Add colour! It goes without saying that a colourful garden looks more enticing. Sprinkle some potted colour around the garden – it’s the finishing touch to your garden masterpiece.

Crewcut understands the value of gardens, which is why they spend so much time in them. If you need help getting your garden spick and span, give them a call to organise your free, no obligation quote. You never know how much money they could make you in the long run!

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