How to re-cover a drop seat

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Re-cover a drop seatTahn Scoon, author of New Vintage, shows us how easy it is to re-cover dining room chairs.

New Vintage bookInterior stylist and author Tahn Scoon’s book New Vintage is an inspiration for beautiful interiors and how-to projects. This 2nd edition has even more insider decorating and design tips and tricks, with lots more beautiful images.

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Extracted with permission from New Vintage by Tahn Scoon, with photography by Anastasia Kariofyllidis. Published by New Holland, $45.00.


How to re-cover a drop seat

Drop seats just pop in and out of the chair and therefore are very easy to re-cover. If the foam and webbing are in good condition, you just need to tear off the old fabric and staple on the new. However, in this case we needed to replace the foam and webbing as well.

What You Need

Staple gun
Foam, cut to size


1. Remove old fabric, stuffing and webbing, leaving just the frame intact.

2. Use a staple gun to attach the new webbing. Start by attaching rows running in one direction, and then weave more rows through running in the other direction (see images below).

3. Glue the foam onto the frame (see image below).

4. Place the frame face-down onto the fabric. Wrap and staple (see image below).



  1. where do I buy webbing for this how to recover a drop seat?

    • Hi Dora
      You can try fabric shops, places that sell canvas, or those that sell trims and braids. Craft shops may also have it. You should be able to find a local supplier if you do a quick google online.

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