Hello Kitty crochet hat pattern

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Hello Kitty crochet hat pattern

Here kitty kitty… Crochet yourself or your little one a fun hat.

Ooh, we love this hat! The very clever Liz from Crochet in Color devised this stunning pattern for her wee girl, who can be seen here posing ever so beautifully with her feline friend.

Lucky for us, Liz has shared the pattern, so click on over to her website to check it out.

Liz is mad keen on crochet and has come up with all sorts of beautiful projects, so make sure you check out her other free patterns as well.


  1. Sandy Hart says

    Hi, I have made your sock monkey pattern but change the size of the hook to make it a bit bigger – best hat pattern EVER! Love it! I look forward to trying this design and the owl, my 16 year old son wears the sock monkey hat every where, go figure 🙂

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