Healthy party food

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Healthy-party-foodHaving a slew of kids over these holidays? Dish up a sideboard of healthy party food.

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There’s no need to serve up only empty calories. Add a few healthy alternatives as well. Kids typically love fresh berries, so when in season make the most of them. Or try a fruit salad with your kids’ favourite fruits. Go one step further and serve the fruit in a carved out watermelon shell.

Or make fruit kebabs – or a fruit snake – for fun.

Also serve open bread sandwiches made from healthier brown or whole seed and grain bread. Cut the bread into fancy shapes with a cookie cutter before adding your toppings.

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Popcorn with limited butter is a healthier alternative to chips. Serve these in small containers for your guests. If you want to cut down on salt as well, use a herbal ‘salt’ instead.

You may still wish to provide some ‘traditional’ party foods, but you might be surprised to see your kids tucking into the healthy stuff as well.

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