Mini cinnamon loaves

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We love the idea of presenting freshly baked loaves of bread or cake in rustic wrappers, as shown here.

The super clever Jessica Kirkland from Pen ‘N Paperflowers made these mini cinnamon nut loaves as take-home favours for guests during Christmas celebrations.

cinnamon loaf

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She used brown coffee filters to wrap the loaves and decorated each one with pieces of fabric and sprigs of artificial red berries. What a neat idea.

She presented the whole lot (check out her other goodies at her website) on a table she found (and later revamped) on the side of the road.

“A little bit of paint turned it into a treasure.” It sure did!

Visit Jessica’s website to see more of her Christmas table treats, and check out this tasty Hungarian cinnamon loaf from Epicurious for a top recipe.


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