Easy table flowers

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Table-flowersKill two birds with one stone with this gorgeous table centrepiece slash ice bucket.

The only thing you need to purchase here is a wreath and florist’s wire – the rest of the materials can be found in your garden, your fridge and your craft cupboard.

You need:

Polystyrene wreath (though any wreath will do)
Florist’s wire (or fishing line or twine)
Foliage from your garden (pine or rosemary works well)
Berries from the garden (optional)
3 small red apples (or fruit of your choice)
Orange and red wool
Glue gun


1. Cut several stems of foliage to the same length. Gather a handful, place them onto the surface of your wreath and wrap florist’s wire around the foliage and wreath to secure them. If using floral foam, insert the the foliage stems into the foam.


2. Continue until the entire wreath is covered.

3. Add berries, if using, also securing the stems with wire.

4. Using your glue gun, glue the pinecones and apples to the wreath.

5. Wrap wool around the tines of a fork, as you would if making a pompom. With a small piece of wool, tie the centre, to form a kind of flower bud. Glue these ‘buds’ to your wreath. You can also wrap pieces of wool around the tips of your pinecones for more colour, as shown below.


6. Fill your ice bucket with ice and top with your wreath.

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