Easy DIY vertical garden

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Vertical-gardeningNo space in your garden for herbs and veggies? No problem. Plant vertically.

Vertical gardening is something of a trend right now, and home gardeners can get in on the act too. It’s a great option where space is lacking, or you want to bring your garden closer to the house.

This courtyard garden utilises space extremely well, using both large planter boxes and plastic planters attached to a trellis.


To emulate this at home, erect a wooden trellis or use an existing fence for attaching your planters. Buy a pack of thick black horticultural bags (available from garden retailers) and use a heavy-duty staple gun to staple them to your fence or wooden trellis.

Fill the bags with potting mix, and plant up.

You can add extra support for the growing bags by nailing or screwing a narrow length of wood just beneath each row of planters. The planters will rest on the wood strip.

Make sure you water regularly, as plants in containers dry out quicker than those in the ground.


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