DIY floral crown

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Make your own floral crown for special occasions.

Use a mix of plants for your floral crown. The flowers shown here are hydrangea florets mixed with berries and foliage.

Make the structure:

Cut two pieces of florist wire big enough to make a headband. Bend into a semi-circle and create tiny hooks at each end. These are for tying your ribbons to. Wrap florist tape around both wire pieces to cover them, leaving the hooks at each end bare.

Prepare the flowers:

Gather a collection of flowers, berries and foliage that you like. Choose plant material in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures to create interest.

Cut the stems about 10cm (4 inches) long. Make small posies, like boutonnieres, and wrap the stems with green florist tape. Place the flowers around your wire headband to see how many you need.

Make the headband:

Fasten the small posies onto the headband, securing them with florist tape. Each bouquet should overlap the previous one in order to cover the stems.

Try on your headband and make any tweaks as needed.

Tie ribbon to the hook at the ends and you’re done.

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