Crisp celery

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Want to keep your celery crisper for longer? Reader Shelley Nolan suggests wrapping it in tin foil before placing it in the refrigerator. “Without tin foil my celery would always go limp after about a week. If you wrap it in tin foil, though, it lasts for weeks.” Great idea, Shelley. How do other readers keep their vegetables crisp and fresh? Post a comment below and let us know.


  1. Great idea and I have one to go with it. On this week she had an article about celery…how to grow your own. I thought , yeah right . Then I tried one and by golly it works. Here is how ya do it. When you get the celery home cut off about 2 inches from the bottom. Stick it in dirt and in a couple of days …….celery leaves then stalks. She said to keep it going just cut off the stalks that you need. I now have 2 potted celerys growing. Now is the tin foil time. When ya start cutting off the stalks, wrap ’em up. I love this magazine, keep it going. Eileene

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