At home party food ideas

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Party-foodWhen you are hosting a party, whether small or large, the less time you need to spend in the kitchen the better. Don’t overdo the party food preparation or exert yourself on a complicated menu. Instead, take the time to mingle with your guests thanks to these simple party food ideas.

Flavourful grilled lamb skewers

Quick and easy party food is simple with a quality grill pan or barbeque. Small slices of meat cook through in mere minutes and can be prepared ahead of time to allow you more time to spend with your guests. Thread some soaked bamboo skewers with lamb and capsicum, onion, zucchini or even cubes of pineapple for a delicious grilled combination. A specialist store such as Barbeques Galore stocks barbeques with enamel grills or hotplates that deliver that beautiful lightly browned, crisp finish to your skewers. Add some dipping sauce like tzatziki and revel in the compliments of your impressed guests.


Baked sweet potato fries

Quick, simple and healthier than their deep-fried cousins, sweet potato fries are a welcome addition to any party table. Seasoned with ground cumin or salt and pepper, these fries bake really quickly and taste delicious. Add them to your serving platter with the lamb skewers or pour them straight into a colourful bowl for guests to snack on from the table. As an accompaniment, serve with a chunky beetroot or tomato relish.


Tasty mini pizzas

There aren’t too many people who would turn down an appetiser such as pizza. When making pizza for a party or get-together, think mini. Using a Lebanese bread for the base halves the work involved with making a fresh pizza, giving you more time to focus on tasty toppings. Look for traditional meats such as prosciutto or ham, or you can serve delicious vegetarian options using bocconcini or Jarlsberg cheese. Top with fresh tomato and you can’t go wrong!


Super simple salads

Even if you aren’t planning to sit down to eat, salad can still be an option for your party menu. Put small scoops of a tasty couscous and feta salad into fancy cupcake wrappers (look for the large cardboard ones to save yourself heartache!) and serve with a spoon. Flavour your couscous with lemon juice and some toasted pine nuts and add a tiny bit of fresh mint for colour. You can also serve homemade dressings in rustic bottles.


Fresh fruit display

Before you write fresh fruit off as boring, look beyond the traditional apple slices and pick up a mix of more exotic fruits. Check out your local markets for in-season fruits in a variety of colours and textures. To make your display more exciting, cut fruit in a host of different shapes. Cookie cutters make quick work of shaping melon slices while a straw can be used to push out the stem on ripe strawberries. For an interesting serving suggestion, try hollowing out a watermelon and filling it with the finished fruit salad. Your guests don’t have to feel like they over-indulged with this one.


Party food doesn’t have to be complicated. A few simple dishes can provide more than enough to keep guests satisfied. What are some of your favourite party foods?

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