9 places to find inspiration when redecorating your home

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Living room - image from Rawpixel

Decorating your new home or changing how yours looks can be a fun and exciting undertaking. Maybe you are tired of the same look it has had for years, or feel it is time to complete a remodel project to make it more functional. A challenge many people face when doing this is finding interesting and exciting redecorating ideas. You can find inspiration if you are experiencing a block or do not know where to start easily because there are many places to do so.


They may have lost some of their popularity and appeal in recent years, but magazines remain a great place to find inspiration on all manner of things, including home remodelling and improvement. The best magazines for this focus specifically on the topic because they will have handy tips and tricks that will make finding inspiration easier.

Some of them also feature the best online and physical stores to buy everything you need, and may even come with coupons and discount codes to help you keep your budget within your set limits. If you are thinking of completing the project far into the future, you can subscribe to one so you have many ideas by the time you start the project.


Pinterest is an excellent online platform for finding inspiration on different things. It has a very strong home remodel and decoration community, so you can find numerous ideas in a few minutes. This image-based website also allows you to pin ideas you like to your boards. This feature removes the need to bookmark multiple pages and gives you a single place to host all images you find inspiring.

You can also create multiple boards for different ideas. For example, you could create a few with different styles like modern, vintage, or contemporary before deciding which would work best for you.

If you are redecorating the whole home, consider creating boards for different areas and rooms. You can have one for your living room, another for the bedroom, and another for the kitchen, for example.

You can also leverage Pinterest’s search feature to discover new or trending materials, curtains, carpets, furniture, lamps and more. The search results might also lead to links to home improvement websites you can explore for even more ideas and tips.


Instagram’s utility in helping with home redecorating ideas is similar to Pinterest’s. Being a platform used for posting images, you can easily find what you need after a single search for ideas or what you need. You can also find an idea for the organisation of each space or room, and motivation that helps you start the project if you have been stuck for some time.

If you prefer videos to images, the platform has numerous home interior and decoration experts and enthusiasts who post them. They discuss everything you need to know and can be a source of information that you cannot find browsing images in the suite.

You can then take these ideas and inspiration and create something unique for your home.

Home Improvement Blogs

Numerous websites are dedicated to home improvements, redecoration and remodelling and are, therefore, valuable sources of information. The best thing about them is that they go into more depth about what you need to know compared to the images and videos you find on Pinterest and Instagram.

They also sometimes provide step-by-step instructions to make things easier. Like magazines, they can show you where to buy everything you need or how to hire the right handyman for your project.

It is common for these websites to provide a lead magnet to entice you to subscribe to their newsletter or provide them with your contact information. The lead magnet is often a well-designed PDF file with valuable information. You should subscribe to receive it if it contains valuable information about something you want to work on, such as a specific room in your home.

Since you might already have ideas from other places, you might want to comment or include your ideas in the PDF. These files are now always easy to edit, so you might want to convert the PDF to Word. Using an online tool for converting PDFs to Word is the best way to get a file you can use however you like. 

You can keep a copy of the PDF if you want to reference it without the additional comments or annotations. Doing this also retains any high-quality images it might contain, which is common in home redecoration and remodelling PDFs.

Product Catalogues

Companies like Ikea create catalogues to showcase different products. These catalogues also do something interesting; they show homeowners how these items would look when added to a home. In this way, they provide interesting ideas for home decoration and the inspiration you are looking for.

Hotels and Holiday Homes

If you travel a lot, you might stay in numerous hotels or book different Airbnbs depending on where you are going and where you prefer to stay. Both types of accommodation are decorated with their guests in mind, with every detail meticulously considered to ensure it enhances the guests’ experiences.

Next time you book a hotel room or Airbnb, pay close attention to how it is decorated and how different elements are placed to work together. You can collect ideas of how the colours complement each other, how the furniture flows, what materials they have used and so on. You can then recreate the look and feel if you like it.

Design Shows

Home design and improvement shows walk viewers through creating the space they want while showing what is possible if they put their minds to it. The most important part of these shows is the final reveal, where they show what the home or room looks like after working on it for a few weeks or months.

If you do not have time to watch full shows, you can find reveal compilations online to take inspiration from without having to sit through an hour of run time.

Interior Design and Furniture Stores

Like product catalogues, they help you envision how products would look in your home. If you have a few in your area, walk into them and wander around. You will get a better idea of what could or could not work for you and your home. 

If you are allowed, move a few things around to understand their flow better or see how they would like close together or apart. You can also take photographs, and many stores are happy to let you do it if they think you will become a customer.

Friends and Family’s Homes

Almost everyone knows a friend and family member whose home is comfortable, looks great, and is inviting. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from what they have already done! You can also ask them for ideas since they already have a good eye for design.

Finding inspiration and getting started are two areas people get stuck when starting a redecoration or remodel project. The good news is that there is inspiration all around you, you only have to know where to look. You can start online, check out the latest home improvement magazines, or walk into furniture and interior design stores to see how they do things.

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