Toppers for Valentine or wedding cupcakes

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Valentine cupcakesFood is the way to a man’s (and probably a woman’s) heart, they say, so make your Valentine some simple cupcakes decorated with love hearts.

Use your favourite cupcake recipe, or try ours (basic cupcake recipe or Coca-Cola cupcakes).

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Sugared hearts

To make the red sugared hearts, you need red candy melts (or plain chocolate melts), red sanding sugar (you can make your own by mixing food colouring in with granulated sugar) and shallow heart-shaped chocolate moulds.

Melt the candy melts as per the manufacturer’s instructions and pour into the chocolate moulds.

Sprinkle the red sanding sugar on top and allow to set.

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Embossed hearts

These fancy hearts couldn’t be simpler to make.

All you need is an impression mat or mould (from cake decorating suppliers – or you can use a scrapbooking stamp) and some fondant.

Roll your fondant out to the desired thickness, then press the stamp/impression mat onto the icing. Use a heart-shaped cutter to cut out shapes in the icing. Done!


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