Top tips on being a ‘green’ driver

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Sustainability has long been a priority in New Zealand, with the country being one of the first to commit to working towards being carbon-neutral. Cars are the cause of a significant amount of carbon emissions, making it important for us to address how we use them and their impact on the environment. The increase in usage of eco-friendly vehicles throughout the country is a positive sign. Meanwhile, there are also other ways of being more ‘green’ on the roads.

Try to share cars regularly

One way of lowering your carbon footprint when it comes to cars is by travelling with others. This includes using taxis in groups, or providing taxi services yourself. It goes without saying that you must have contingency for any road-related incident. With vehicles emitting 10,000 pounds of CO2 each year on average, sharing transport can have a hugely positive impact on the country’s carbon footprint.

Keep your car well maintained

It may sound surprising, but keeping on top of your car maintenance makes you a more eco-friendly driver. For example, regularly checking that your exhaust system is clean and fully functioning will result in cleaner – and fewer – fumes being expelled into the air. Something else to be particularly vigilant about is your tyres. Ensuring that your car tyres are at the correct pressure makes your vehicle more efficient, making it easier for your car to get going and using up less fuel in the process. Appropriate tyre pressure also means your tyres are likely to last longer, resulting in fewer of them being thrown away or ending up as landfill. As tyre pressure is affected by the weather, be sure to check your tyres regularly, particularly before and after long journeys.

Drive ‘ecologically’

Arguably just as important as the maintenance of your car is your approach to driving it. You might enjoy the chance to put your foot on the revs, but doing so increases your fuel consumption and is worse for the environment. When it comes to long or unfamiliar journeys, plan ahead and prioritise the most efficient routes. Resist the urge to overtake unnecessarily, and remember to switch the engine off if you are stationary for a long time.

Little steps make a big difference

It can be easy to get into habits that negatively impact the environment, without realising. Luckily, there are lots of little things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to your car. By making small eco-friendly adjustments, and encouraging others to do the same, you can make a significant difference.

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