The ins and outs of a smart TV

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Smart TVs are a relative newcomer to the market, but in a fairly short time, their development has accelerated more than most other appliances of a similar age. If you are intrigued by, but unsure about, smart TVs, keep reading, as we explain this interesting technological development.

A TV that can connect to the internet

Advanced capabilities, such as internet connectivity, is one of the factors that make a smart TV smart. From streaming on various on-demand platforms, like YouTube or Amazon, playing online games, to even participating in video calls, it can all happen from the hub which is your smart TV.

Of course, internet connectivity also means that your TV can form part of an integrated smart home, thanks to voice-activated commands through assistants like Siri and others.

Apps have been the way we connect for many years now, and most decent smart TVs are now sold with a huge array of pre-installed apps, to make the user experience more seamless and less work. One login can get you access to several content and streaming channels, and movies, series, games, social media, and more are now just a click away, thanks to this convenient factory fitting. 

Getting your teeth into Bluetooth 

Bluetooth is growing up, and its capabilities have come a long way since we used it to just send photos in the days predating Wi-Fi. Having Bluetooth capability on your TV now means that you can expand your TV’s functionality by tethering external (or peripheral) devices like headphones, gaming consoles, speakers, headphones and more without having to use even one cable! It is hard to imagine a world where data and media play as much of a role as it does at the moment, without thinking about Bluetooth being involved somewhere along the line. It remains a popular and highly effective way of connecting several devices to one another.

What is resolution all about?

Resolution refers to the overall picture quality of the screen. The quality of the display comes down to how many pixels are present in the screen unit itself. Smart TVs come in a range of display options, and it is perfectly possible to get a decent to good display without having to break the bank. The higher the specs of the TV, which is to say the better its performance when it comes to colour, range performance, contrasts, and overall picture quality, the higher the price point will be. 

At the moment, the highest specs are present in the 4K Ultra HD models. This is currently the most expensive as it sits at the top of the range. If you have a more conservative budget, you will still be able to get a comparable viewing experience from an HD1080. 

In essence, smart TVs continue to develop at a crazy rate, and it is rumoured that we can soon start seeing 8k models on the market, which will be by far the highest resolution most people alive today will experience.

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