Textured cable knit cushion

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Knitted cushion

Cushions are an inexpensive way to decorate a room, be it a living room, a family room or a bedroom. They brighten up a space, add depth and interest, and, of course, they’re comfy.

This striking cushion, from the fabulous book Midwest Modern Knits by Amy Butler, has been knitted in one solid colour, allowing the texture of the cable knit to add the visual interest.

Placed next to a busy floral fabric or a plain one, the cushion really stands out. The bold colour of the cushion in the photo on the left blends in well with the wall art and other cushions (both from Amy Butler). The photo on the right, knitted by Aurora and featured on her site Fabric is Bliss, shows how a neutral colour scheme can benefit from the addition of a single bright colour.

Like the pattern? You can download it over at All About You.

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