6 tips to declutter and organize your home

Are you planning to declutter your home this weekend? Looking at the mess is already stressful, and thinking about the number of decluttering chores you must do also makes you feel dizzy and exhausted. So, you’re probably looking for quick, effective ways to organize your home. Don’t worry because this home improvement article got you […]

Crochet a storage basket

Craft your own storage baskets with this free pattern. The clever folk at Yarn Inspirations have whipped up this pattern – free for you and me – using Red Heart Super Saver Chunky. Shape this beginner-level project by stitching in any shades of Red Heart Super Saver Chunky that complement your space. Use the basket […]

Blackboard paint labels

These labels couldn’t be easier to apply. And they’re re-writable. Simply slap on some blackboard paint, let it dry, then write on it with chalk.

Make fabric covered shelves

Here’s a clever idea for a craft room or even kids’ and adults’ bedrooms. Fabric-covered shelves. Choose fabric that matches the room’s colour scheme and style, like flouncy florals, bold geometrics or funky stripes.