6 tips to declutter and organize your home

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Are you planning to declutter your home this weekend? Looking at the mess is already stressful, and thinking about the number of decluttering chores you must do also makes you feel dizzy and exhausted. So, you’re probably looking for quick, effective ways to organize your home. Don’t worry because this home improvement article got you covered.

Check out some helpful home decluttering and organizing tips below.

1. Sort Items 

Sorting your belongings into ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘toss’ piles is a great way to declutter and organize your home. You can keep heirlooms and other things with sentimental value in a secure place to avoid damage.

But don’t keep objects you never use anymore because they’ll rot or sustain ‘neglect damage’ over time. Otherwise, you’ll unnoticeably become a hoarder while narrowing your living space and causing a source of stress and eyesore. Make them worthwhile by helping others. Let others use them by keeping them in a ‘donation’ box and request for a Vietnam veterans donation pickup

2. Create One Decluttering Zone At A Time

When the home is busy, piles of things accumulate in all areas which aren’t supposed to, causing clutter. But you don’t have to pressure and overwhelm yourself by rushing to fix everything. Otherwise, it’ll negatively affect your mood, slowing you down then accomplishing more chores.

Focus on decluttering and organizing one room or one corner of a big room at a time. You can prioritize cluttered areas first and remove all rubbish. When the sources of eyesores are gone, it’s easier and faster to organize displaced things. For example, pick up all toys and scattered clothes in a child’s room first before arranging clothes in the cabinet and books on the shelves. Some toys could be on display but store the bulk of them in easily accessible storage boxes or drawers to reduce clutter.

3. Clear Entry Ways  

Many people habitually leave shoes, bags, hats, belts, or clothes in or near the entryway. Eliminate the excuses by adding a handy basket, storage bin, or hooks in accessible places inside the room to contain clutter.

Start clearing the entryways when decluttering to avoid blocking them, allowing faster movement and finishing of chores. In addition, arrange your furniture strategically. If a furniture piece like a chair or coffee table is narrowing the entryway, move it back or place it in another location. Doing so will improve your home’s feng shui, promoting a more balanced and positive ambiance.

4. Go Back To Basics

Do you have many figurines, miniature action figures, decorative mugs, picture frames, and other decorations at home? When they start to bother you, then you have too many of them. So, it’s time to go to basics by emptying all furniture surfaces.

Grab a handy basket and put all collectibles and home decorative items inside. Keep them first and arrange only the most important ones on your next organizing day. This strategy lets you feel what it’s like not seeing them around, allowing you to decide just the important things to display.

The same concept applies when decluttering your wardrobe closet. You probably have many clothes in your closet, including everyday wear, business casual, and formal attire pieces all mixed up. This organizing concept can help you sort your clothes better, ensuring that the garments you use are easy to pull out, rarely used ones are kept safely to prevent fading and damage, and donate never to use ones to charity.

5. Think Of Sustainability

Aside from green cleaning, think of sustainability when decluttering and organizing your home. You can declutter sustainably by recycling, reusing, and repurposing. For instance, you can use old, damaged sneakers or kettles as cool planters. Another example is repurposing an old drawer or solid wood speaker box as a birdhouse, or an old disco ball as a vase or planter.

For your damaged electronic items, check the e-waste recycling program of your municipality and manufacturers. Instead of throwing old clothes, books, toys, and other clutter in the garbage, you can donate them to charity.

6. Minimize Clutter-Generating Habits

Even if you set time to declutter or organize your home, nothing will change if you don’t break the old habits. Minimize clutter-generating habits such as every payday shopping and collecting all sorts of things. Also, avoid dollar stores because thrift shopping prompts you to buy more unnecessary items impulsively. In the end, you’ll accumulate things in the long run that cause clutter in your home.

If you end up with items that aren’t reusable or recyclable after your big cleanup, what should you do? Instead of letting it sit around or not knowing how to dispose of it properly, consider hiring professional services like 1300 Rubbish. They specialize in rubbish removal and ensure that your waste is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.


It’s not easy to declutter and organize your home, especially if you’re busy with so many other things. Hopefully, the tips above give you some insightful ideas to declutter and organize your home more effectively and efficiently. That way, you can enjoy living in a clean, well-organized, happy, and healthy home.

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