Tips for outfitting modern living rooms

Are you looking to improve the feel of your living space without completely remodelling or renovating your home? Making a few key changes to one room can boost the atmosphere of your entire space when done right. Here are a few tips for outfitting modern living rooms that will send you in the right direction […]

Woven wall hanging

Make a one-of-a-kind wall hanging using scraps of yarn, lace and fabric. Dig out your craft stash and use odds and ends to make a unique textile artwork. Experiment with different yarns – smooth, bobbly, thick, thin – and add in a mix of colours for effect. You will need: Yarns of varying sizes – […]

Knit a checkerboard blanket

Need a throw for the living room sofa or bed? Try this checkerboard (or chequerboard) blanket to keep you toasty warm.