Nut and seed loaf with mung bean hummus

Jesse and Jamie Friedberg are a duet in perfect harmony. Twins, best friends and business partners, they regularly serve up wholesome and healthy foods using pure organic ingredients and an abundance of seeds and legumes. Try this delicious snack. Try their Amaranth porridge and orange-roasted apples too Nut and Seed Loaf While bread recipes are usually […]

Sprout & Vegetable Mingle

This delicious, healthy salad by Jeremy Dixon is ideal for lunch or dinner.

Healthy ginger & apricot slab

Try Jeremy Dixon’s healthy bars, which feature in his latest book, The Revive Cafe Cookbook 6.

Nut bars and coconut tarts

Nutritionist Kate Walker makes a delicious, healthy snack that is ideal for the lunchbox or for morning or afternoon snacks.

Pumpkin and oat bars

These healthy bars are perfect for breakfasts on the go, lunchbox snacks, or mid-afternoon treats.

Healthy gRAWnola (granola) recipe

Want a low-GI (slow-burning), delicious treat? Try Fi Jamieson-Folland’s gRAWnola – the raw version of the popular favourite.

Guilt-free nanaimo bars

Here’s your healthy way to indulge in a worldwide, favourite dessert – and it’s fast; just 10 minutes prep (plus soaking time the night before).

Raspberry and coconut popsicles

These ice blocks are just the thing for school holidays or hot summer days. You can swap the berries for whatever is in season.