Sweet Living 6

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Sweet Living magazine 6Need some home decorating ideas? Whether you want to beautify your bedroom or revamp your living room, we’ve got it covered in this issue.

From inspiring home decorating ideas to colour psychology tips, and lots of craft and soft furnishing DIYs, we have tons of tips to help you upgrade your décor (sneak peek below).

We’re also got the usual suspects – delicious recipes (cakes, cupcakes, homemade crackers and preserves), toys to make, and free gift tags and other printables to download. We also feature 8 easy spices for you to grow at home.

So then… on to the mag. And happy reading!


If you’re viewing on an iPad, click this link.


Chocolate and mandarin cakeHeart made with chocolate truffles

Hydrangea cupcake

Crocheted triangle

DIY turtle wall hanging


  1. HELP! I can’t get my new issue to download!!

    • Hi Ine. Are you viewing it on an iPad? If so, you need to click on the link that says ‘click this link’. Otherwise it should load OK. Let us know how you get on.

  2. Another great issue worth waiting for thanks for all the tips from everyone great recipes great ideas just love it thanks

  3. I can’t get it to download either – on a pc 🙁

    • Hi Barbara
      We’ve checked from all browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer and all are working fine for us. It may be that you need to upgrade your Flash player. Here are some troubleshooting tips which might help.
      Had you also tried the link for the iPads? PCs can read this too.

  4. cloudyfive says

    Such a beautiful online magazine, many thanks! 😀

  5. I am also having difficulty getting the issue to download. I’m viewing from my computer using internet explorer. Thanks

  6. Mary Krogmann says

    I just discovered your magazine…It’s fantastic!!!!! This is the best ‘make it yourself’ &’ just beautiful’ magazine I’ve ever seen or read. You are simply the Best.

    Mary Krogmann

  7. Anne McNulty says

    I just stumbled into your magazine, it is wonderful and so inspiring. I can’t wait to get started on some of the craft ideas and to start cooking – I am really excited. Thank you.

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