Playing with your food

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By Jane

Make Life Easy

Sometimes you have the darnedest time getting your kids to eat their lunch, right?

Then give them something to smile about. Like gruesome eyeballs and stick-out tongues. Make their lunches laugh-out-loud using the filling ingredients.

OK, so you’re not going to do this every day, but once in a while a funny food face can be… well, funny!


How cute are these? Turn a simple egg and lettuce sandwich into a fun bear bonanza.Use miniature cocktail sausages to make the bear face, with dots of sauce for the eyes, cheese for the nose and cut sausage rounds, held in place by toothpicks, for the eyes.


Monster alert! Have fun with your ingredients, cutting out different shapes or positioning them at different angles to form facial features.


Tiny radishes double as tiny mice for a cheese sandwich. Get your kids involved in the making of these. Cut slices for the ears and slots in the ‘head’, and let your kids put them together. Use small dried currants for the eyes, ‘glueing’ them on with peanut butter or other spread.


Aww. Your little ones will love this. Mould rice into shapes using a cookie cutter and add to soup or other hot dishes.


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