Mocka Art House review & giveaway

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DIY cardboard playhouseWin this fabulous cardboard playhouse – all ready for your kids to decorate.

Hours of entertainment are guaranteed with this cute cardboard playhouse from Mocka (Aussie readers click here). Draw, paint, put stickers on it – create your own magical cubby house, complete with window, door and shaped cut-outs. The Art House was such a hit in the Sweet Living office, we tussled over who would take it home. In the end we gave it to Sweet Living reader and mum Ngaire Thornton, whose kids had great fun setting up and decorating it. Says Ngaire:

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“Awesome playhouse made out of cardboard. Our three girls spent half the day decorating – they had a wall each. They were allowed to draw whatever they liked. 

“First they got out the felt pens and pencils. Then it was on to painting. Once their amazing artwork was completed, they had the challenge of putting it together. After a little planning they managed to work it out.

“Our kids spent the whole weekend playing with it. First they had the playhouse inside with pillows, blankets and some toys, setting up their house. The boy who lived next door also come over and joined in. Then it was time to take it outside for more fun. I can’t believed the amount of time spent playing with it! Hours and hours of fun.”

Made out of 100% recycled materials

Size – 122cm x 68cm x 87cm

RRP: NZ$39.95

See more images of the Art House on Mocka’s website here.



COMPETITION CLOSED. Winner: Liz van Berkel of Rangiora

We have 1 Mocka Art House to give away.

To ENTER THE DRAW TO WIN simply post a comment below. Tell us what craft or creative activity your children most enjoy.


* Sorry, open to New Zealand and Australian residents only.



  1. Lynne Krebs says

    My grandchildren really enjoy baking.

  2. Mine love to paint and draw. At the moment we are going through a ream of paper a week. I have to strategically recycle the painting each night once they are asleep.

  3. Brenda Meech says

    Now it’s autumn, we will be doing our pine cone hunts & we always save the most perfect wee ones to be spray painted & decorated for Christmas.
    So much fun!

  4. Helen Hill says

    Creative painting and drawing and that also includes with the chalk outdoors!

  5. Ashley Cook says

    My daughter is only 14 months but she loves to scribble! We decorated an Easter egg last weekend with her very colourful crayon marks – just have to watch they don’t get onto the walls!

  6. Painting is the favourite with my 2 year old.

  7. Sarah Miller says

    My boys love anything that involves getting messy! Making our own playdough and finger paint are favourites at the moment

  8. Katie Stables says

    My kids love drawing, colouring, collage, rock painting, baking & pretty much anything to do with art and craft

  9. Anne Mansfield says

    Weaving and sewing seem to be the choice at the moment.

  10. Leslie Whitehead says

    My 2 grandsons love playing outside and they love playing huts Nanna makes with blankets.

  11. Kelly Wilson says

    My 22 month old loves painting, with paints, water, food or mud. Anything that she can put on a brush.

  12. Annabel Barron says

    Would be a hard choice between baking and painting:)

  13. Jane Hawkes says

    Painting always painting can’t do it enough !

  14. My two girls love drawing, colouring and painting. At least one of them nearly every day.

  15. My two love drawing & painting but adding glitter to either of these makes it way more fun 🙂

  16. Painting! Them messier the better. And drawing using every colour we own on each page! This is my favourite because it takes forever.

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