Make your own herbal honey

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Herbal honeys are very easy to create, says Donna Lee of Cottage Hill Herbs. Make unique gifts, soothing medicines and delicious culinary delights for the kitchen.

To make your honey, you will need a double boiler, herbs and spices – either fresh or dried – and honey without a strong flavour.


1. Place honey in the double boiler and heat until it is JUST warm (it is important not to heat the honey above this point).

2. Place your chosen herb (see below) into the honey, maintaining the heat at a just-warm state by turning the heat off and on until your herbs have been immersed in the honey for 5–6 hours.

3. Warm up again and strain before placing in a pot. If the flavour is not strong enough, strain the honey and repeat the process using the same honey. Some of my favourite herbal honeys are:

ROSE: This one is at the top of my list. Not only is this honey totally divine, it acts like Rescue Remedy to soothe and calm the body, mind and spirit, assisting sleep and relieving anxiety. Use strongly scented, fragrant roses if possible. My favourites are the heirloom or wild roses. Simply place as many fresh whole (unsprayed) roses into the honey as will fit (they do mush down after several hours). Take 1 teaspoon and hold in the mouth as long as possible before swallowing.

VANILLA: This is another soothing, divine honey that may be taken as above, or drizzled onto desert dishes, ice cream, etc.

ROSEMARY: A much stronger honey that you may like to coat your lamb with. This is also great with potatoes and especially tasty drizzled over steamed carrots.

CLOVE: A good one for sore throats, chest problems, etc. Clove is an effective natural analgesic.

CITRUS RIND (GRATED): – Oranges, lemons, limes – in fact, any citrus rind makes for a strongly fragrant and useful honey.

Some other herbs and spices you may wish to try are: lemon verbena, lavender, thyme, hyssop, cinnamon, cardamon, fennel, mints, garlic, sage, and so many more.

You may use them in so many ways: in marinades, dressings, on pancakes or to sweeten drinks.

Donna Lee
Cottage Hill Herbs

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