Homegrown Roses book giveaway

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The latest special collector’s edition from NZ Gardener magazine, Homegrown Roses, hits the shelves on March 12, 2012 (although you can get a copy at the Ellerslie Flower Show if you pop along this week, or buy it online here). And what a beauty it is! It’s packed full of all things rosy, from the joy of picking your own scented blooms to no-nonsense know-how on planting, picking, pruning, landscape design, recipes (yes, roses are edible!) and crafty gifts. Plus there’s a free sheet of pretty labels for homegrown gifts.

We have 5 copies of Homegrown Roses to give away. TO GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN A COPY, all you have to do is post a comment below. That’s it! Just one comment. If you’d like to share some of your own gardening tips, feel free. Or just say hello.

Competition closes March 20, 2012. OPEN TO NZ RESIDENTS ONLY.


  1. Maryan Dawson says

    I love roses and have made it one of my goals to finally start a rose garden full of old roses – after 30 years.

  2. Anne Cook says

    Climbing Nahema are one of my favourites – pink and delicately perfumed they are a show stopper in spring

  3. Roses – one of my favourite flowers!

  4. Judith Paterson says

    I used to think that the scent of a rose was just that, until I started growing David Austins. It is truly amazing the range of wonderful scents that all blend together. And a totally agree with Anne, Climbing Nahema is just gorgeous!

  5. Emma Rodgers says

    I would love love love a copy of this

  6. Paulette says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    “I would love a copy of the Homegrown Roses book” she said
    Can’t think of a word to rhyme with blue! 🙂

    • Chris Goyen says

      When I was a wee girl at school – many moons ago. The chant in the school ground was Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Garlic stinks and so do You. Charming little creatures weren’t we!!

    • Katherine McConnell says

      “As I’m sure you all would too”

  7. Chris Goyen says

    Yes there is nothing like the calming, nostalgic smell of old roses compared to hybridised ones.

  8. Katherine McConnell says

    Roses are my favourite flowers, my house is covered in rose printed items and china, now if I could learn how to grow them properly I would be really happy!! Just discovered my green thumb and at 23 I still have HEAPS to learn so any extra knowledge would be a big plus 🙂

  9. This book would be good to motivate me to plant more roses. I love to have them in the garden and to be able to bring them into the house. They are, without doubt, my favourite flower!

  10. Deborah Brown says

    Would love to win a copy and get ideas to start my first rose filled garden.

  11. O i love roses..so beautiful to look at and the smell is like nothing on earth,just divine.

  12. suzanne jones says

    What a beaut giveaway – I’d love to learn more about roses and how to use the petals in baking and cake decorating, also dried petals for using in pot pourris. Thank you!

  13. I am new to rose growing, but I have a friend who would just adore this book, she is into roses and all things floral, including heritage roses.

  14. When I was 9 I won a miniature rose bush in a Bell Roses competition. I wrote to thank them and they sent me another one in response. The bushes flourished in our garden until my parents moved 21 years later.

  15. I use roses when ever I can in my floral art designs as I love working with them.

  16. I live in a townhouse but still have room for 20 roses. I would like now to try and grow cuttings just for fun. Wish me luck I love roses.

  17. My favourite rose is Madame President. It’s fragrant, a delicate pink colour with a long slender shaped flower.

  18. I’ve just moved to a lifestyle block and can now indulge my passion for monster ramblers. Can’t wait for the ones I’ve already planted to start taking over the fence line and pergola

  19. Would love to win a copy – I adore the Homegrown series.
    My favourite rose story is about the pink, rambling rose that formed most of my Mum’s wild hedge. No idea what it was called, but I adored it, so I took a cutting when she was about to sell the house – good thing, too, as the new owners promptly tore it down and replaced it with a trendy stone wall. The cutting struck but was planted on a bank covered with rampant nasturtiums: after a while my sister and I became negligent, and I thought it was lost. Then I bought my first house, and my sister, moving house also, went down the bank and found the cutting to be still alive. She took it out and gave it to me, and now it’s flourishing next to my carport. My Mum was able to get a cutting from THAT, which struck and is now gracing her new home!
    I had so many memories of that rose that I wanted it for my wedding, but couldn’t find any commercially. I saw someone else with it near the street and asked if I could buy a few blooms. The kind lady inside insisited on giving them to me, provided me with scissors, and even told me off when I didn’t take enough. I wasn’t able to have them for my bouquet, which was more commercial roses, but these graced the signing and food tables in little vintage crystal vases, which went perfectly with the venue (Alberton House) and looked fantastic.

  20. Every morning for months I’ve enjoyed the perfume of Blackberry Nip at my front gate as I take my dog for a walk – what a way to start the day.

  21. A recent retiree, I am a newbie on growing roses, but i just love picking and displaying them.
    I cant bear to let them go after the petals drop – I press the petals in old telephone books or scatter them on a tray and leave them in the sun to fill glass vessels.
    I have struggled with a few some pots and 2-3 in ground, I’d love to grow more and be confident in growing them and know more about these lovely blooms.

  22. Would love a copy of Homegrown Roses… my friend has recently started a new rose garden so I would love to win so I could give this book to her!

  23. Charmaine Marais says

    I move into my new house on 1 April. Large garden and about 25 rose bushes and 3 climbers. At this stage am more keen than knowledgeable, but looking forward to the adventure of it all!

  24. I loved gardening, now adays I admire roses through the blooms in the vase from my caregiver. This would be a wonderful way to say thankyou to her for the joy of receiving these homegrown floral bouquets that delight and bring so much pleasure to my life.

  25. I have every ‘HomeGrown’ edition so far so it would be wonderful to add this one to my collection. I just love the beautiful & inspiring pictures in them & often try the recipes. I recently made Satsuma Plum & Orange Jam from homegrown fruit trees.. yum!

  26. Having recently moved into a jungle, I would love to tame it and add the sweet scent of roses.

  27. The cover looks good enough to eat…the fragrance must be divine!

  28. My roses are horrible and overgrown

  29. Joanne Hodgson says

    oooo please put me into the draw, would looooove to win this!

  30. One may live without bread, not without roses.
    Jean Richepin

  31. I dream of having a garden full of fragrant roses!

  32. A rose is the perfect flower in its style, perfume, colour and longevity. Rose plants survive in the toughest conditions without complaint and they try their utmost to provide anyone’s garden with their grace and goodness. Roses are unbeatable.

  33. Shirley-Anne Kivell says

    While I was away from home for a month attending to my dying mother, her funeral, and all that followed, my Dear husband made me a fabulous Rose Garden. With the main Rose in the centre named after my dear Mum. “SYLVIA”. On my return home I was greeted with this most fantastic Loving Gift. I was so happy & felt very Special. Sadly a couple of years later all my plants died. I had 6 standard, several bush , patio, ground covers and miniature roses – all of different colours. I was so upset. I had the plants checked by a member of the Rose Society here in Whangarei. She took samples to her next meeting. Only to discover they had been sprayed with Weed killer. We were both devastated as this was truly a lovely, undulating garden in the front of our home. My Hubby had put a lot of time, planning, effort & money into this project to give me a wonderful home coming Gift. Oh! How I adore Roses.

  34. I love roses and I have successfully propergated them from cutting and by growing seeds.

  35. I adore roses. I love the look, the fragrance, their elegance, their abundance. As they open from tight buds I love the air of mystery and suspense as they gradually unfurl their spleanour.

  36. Jan Sanders says

    The timeless beauty of the Rose…
    ‘Oh whence could such a plant have sprung?
    The earth produced an infant flower.
    Which spring with blushing tinctures drest,
    The gods beheld this brilliant birth,
    And hailed the rose, the boon on earth.’
    Anacrezon (C570-475 B.C.)

  37. blueberry says

    I love roses so much that I only use rose soap and one of our bed rooms is all about roses , so yes I to would love , and look after and keep it in a style that is fitting for a book on roses, to win this book.

  38. I have a few roses but am looking forward to adding more to my cottage garden I’m creating – this magazine should give mme some GREAT ideas

  39. I wish the possums would stop eating my roses- they even eat the leaves!

  40. Jeanette says

    Love roses but feel a little cheated when they look good but have no smell

  41. yes, I’m planting a garden wall of roses.

  42. Sharon Cannon says

    We have had a home for the past 6 years. My husband got the chainsaw and cut down all the roses that were here in the first week. He hates them. Thankfully they have all grown back with a vengeance! lol. I prune, but am not really sure if I am doing it right. There must be about 15 different roses, ranging from miniatures through to rambling roses with huge thorns. A book detailing a bit more information on roses would be absolutely great, please. Love them all….

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