Healthy Halloween snacks

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Healthy-Halloween-snacksPut healthy snacks on the menu this Halloween, with funny fruit faces and banana ghosts.

Your kids are likely to get their fill of sweets this Halloween, so why not create some healthy snacks to go with them. Make banana ghosts (use chocolate for the eyes and mouth – or a coffee bean for adults), or creepy apple mouths for flamboyant fun.

For the apple mouths and faces, prepare them just before serving. Drizzle lemon juice onto the cut sides of your apples to keep them from going brown.

The green-skinned apples are cut into slices, slathered with peanut butter, and yoghurt-covered almonds inserted for teeth.

The red-skinned apples are cut into quarters, then a slot cut out in the centre for a mouth opening. Cut slots into the top and bottom ‘gums’ inside the ‘mouth’ and poke slithered almonds into them for teeth. Take a whole apple and push a sharp knife 1-2cm into the skin and cut out circles for eyes. Attach these to your ‘mouths’ with toothpicks, then attach a small chocolate chip with peanut butter or jam to the ‘eyes’.

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