Fun activities at home for the kids

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Kids-activitiesSchool holidays seem to come around so quickly when you have to find ways to entertain the kids, especially for weeks at a time. Keeping your children busy doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. There are plenty of fun and easy activities that you can do these holidays. Below you’ll find a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy.

Watch a movie

One of the best ways to entertain the whole family is with a movie. Catering to all age groups is easily done with the help of Warner Bros. and their wide range of DVDs that are available online. Younger kids (and nostalgic parents) will love the original cartoon gang of Sylvester, Tweety, Roadrunner and the rest of the crew. Meanwhile, older kids might be happier watching Batman, Scooby Doo or Harry Potter. Sing along to The Wizard of Oz, or pay a visit to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and let your mind wander away with the story. A movie afternoon is also the perfect wet-weather activity. Make some popcorn, make some fun movie tickets (print out our template for faux cinema tickets here) and sit back and enjoy.


Break out the board games

Board games are not restricted to checkers or snakes and ladders. Many classics have been made over to appeal to new generations. Monopoly now includes credit cards, a version of Guess Who features Disney characters and Jenga Boom is a race to build before the fuse burns out. And you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive game set – pick them up second-hand or make your own game kits. Make a DIY Celebrity Head game with a headband, some cardboard and a bulldog clip.

Family art competition

Think it sounds cheesy? These pieces of art become mementos when your children grow up. Why not try drawing other family members? Or try your own version of Mr Squiggle to teach the kids lateral thinking. Draw a few shapes, lines or squiggles and set a timer. Then let your children create a masterpiece using those scribbles. Give a prize for the most creative or quickest drawer to build a little competition.

Bake up a storm

It’s going to get messy in your kitchen, but embrace it! Teaching your children about food can encourage them to help out with the cooking, or they may discover a talent and love for baking. The best part about experimenting in the kitchen is getting to eat the finished product (or lick the bowl). There is a huge number of kid-friendly recipes, with many of the ingredients already in your pantry. Your kids might like to try some cookie pops (see below), using your favourite shortbread cookie dough and sandwiching melted chocolate in between, or even gingerbread men; let your kids decorate them with icing pens.


Plant a garden bed or vegetable patch

This activity will depend on how much space you have, but starting a vegetable patch or garden bed is a great way to teach children responsibility. Caring for a garden also teaches your child patience as they wait for the garden to bloom and grow. You and your child can even learn to cook with the vegetables they grew, or proudly display the flowers they planted.


There are so many simple and fun ways to keep the kids entertained. What are some of your favourite family activities?

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