Flowers make great surprise gifts

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Is someone’s birthday coming up? Or maybe your parents’ anniversary is just around the corner, and you’re still wondering what to give them for the special occasion? If you’re still undecided about what gift to buy, why not turn to the good old flower bouquets and arrangements?

Flowers are always a go-to gift option for many reasons. If you don’t have the slightest idea how to convey what you feel and express your emotions, you have these beautiful and fragrant blooms to help you out.

Long-lasting orchid flowers in hat box – a beautiful gift from The Wild Rose, Auckland

Below are some more reasons why flowers make good surprise gifts:

  • You Can Easily Order Them Anytime, Anywhere

Finding gifts is often tricky, especially when you don’t have enough time to go to the mall and buy something for your special someone. It’s also not impossible for you to forget an occasion and end up panicking because you don’t have anything to bring. Fret not because minor problems like these can be easily solved by ordering or buying flowers online.

No matter where you live, you can indeed find plenty of flower shops that offer delivery. A quick online search can do the trick if you’re not familiar with the area. Flower delivery Auckland, for example, is all you need to type if you need flowers delivered in that area. You’ll end up with a handful of options that can accommodate your gift emergency – fresh flowers, dried flowers, hat boxes, gift boxes with flowers and goodies, and more.

  • Flowers Are Inexpensive

Another reason why flowers make good surprise gifts is they’re relatively inexpensive. It’s a practical yet effective option for those who don’t want their budget to get in the way of making someone feel extra special. Buying online can even offer special discounts and promos that you can avail yourself of to save money.

Whatever your budget, you can choose from a wide selection of flower bouquets and arrangements available online and offline. So, go ahead and have one delivered to your friends or family and bring a smile to their faces no matter the occasion.

  • Flowers Fit Every Occasion

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, and anything else you can think of—there has to be a charming bouquet to commemorate the day. The reason is plain and simple; there’s a perfect kind of flower for anything you want to celebrate or remember. Fresh flowers have that certain allure that makes anyone adore their colours and fragrance.

What’s more, blooms aren’t only for the extraordinary ladies in your life. Nowadays, giving flowers to men is becoming the norm, knowing that there are different colours and types of flowers you can choose from to fit any gender and preference.

Fresh flowers arranged in a vase utilising a floral frog
  • You Have A Handful Of Options

Floral shops are continuously innovating and trying new products to attract more customers and followers. That said, you’re not limited to just fresh flowers if you want to brighten up someone’s day. If you know someone who doesn’t fancy fresh blooms that quickly dry up and lose their appeal, you can turn to dried flowers with longer shelf life and more unique aesthetics.

Wilde Rose dried flowers, for instance, come in beautiful boxes or vases and handcrafted designs that can effortlessly make anyone smile. You can also request special arrangements and additional trinkets to give your gift a whole new level of pizzaz.

Dried flower arrangement, including gorgeous vase, by The Wild Rose, Auckland

Another option you can consider is to give house plants to people who enjoy taking care of beautiful blooms at home.

  • Flowers Have Different Meanings

Flowers are already beautiful enough on their own, but do you know that they also come with special meanings? Whether you’re proposing, congratulating someone for an achievement, or trying to say sorry to a loved one, there’s a flower variation that can help you express your feelings. Blooms have their particular way of making a surprise even more exciting and meaningful.

White carnations and daisies, for example, are often associated with innocence and pure love, so they’re perfect as a gift for mothers and daughters. On the other hand, white hyacinth can be given to people you want to console as a way of saying that you’re praying for them. Indeed, flowers are the perfect replacement for words you can’t say aloud.

Flowers have different meanings – for added significants, choose flowers according to their connotations

Final Words

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to consider flowers when you’re planning to surprise someone. You can give them as they are or add more items such as jewellery, fruits, liquor, and perfumes.

Even when there’s no particular reason, you can always bring home a bunch of fresh or dried blooms since you can easily find them anywhere. Flowers are perfect all year round. They’re also inexpensive and come with different meanings, making them the most suitable way to convey your emotions.

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