Fancy finger food

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It’s party season, no matter which hemisphere you are in! These delightful appetizers are just the thing to serve at your next soiree. Pumpernickel is a classic favourite. Its slightly sour-sweet taste goes so well with foods such as cream cheese and salmon, or hard cheeses such as aged cheddar and gouda.

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The pumpernickel appetizers, shown above right, have been teamed with a herb goat cheese and pancetta or salami slices. Finish off with your choice of cherry tomatoes or pimentos (small round cherry peppers) and olives. To keep everything in place and looking fabulous use a small tooth pick.

Pancetta and cheese are another classic favourite and we thought this was a great way to provide that extra ‘wow’ factor (above left). Simply use small cookie cutters to cut out little heart-shaped pieces of cheese. You could also choose to do flowers, stars or the likes. The little bamboo skewers are available in most grocery stores and give the nibbles a nice finish.

Or you can simply cut pieces of fancy bread and make miniature sandwiches (above).

Bon apetite!

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