Easy wedding crafts to add a personal touch

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For many people, a wedding is one of the most important events in anyone’s life, and this is why couples prepare well for it, especially since wedding celebrations tend to cost a lot. According to recent data, a typical wedding in New Zealand costs around $35,000. It can be difficult to find ways to keep the costs down, but if you want to stick to your budget, consider a DIY approach to make some of the things that you need for your wedding. Not only will it save you some cash, but having these things will add a personal touch to your nuptials. Here are some easy wedding crafts to consider for the big day. 

Ring Bearer Pillow

Most couples choose to spend a little more on their wedding rings since they’re symbols of their commitment to one another. Moreover, most people tend to wear their wedding rings every day, so they’ll need to be made exceptionally well to last through the years. To put the spotlight on your wedding bands, why not create a ring bearer pillow for your big day? All you need is white satin fabric, some pillow stuffing, needle and thread, and at least 15 inches of white satin ribbon.

Cut the fabric so that you have two squares roughly about 9 inches long on all sides, then sew three sides together. Fill it with pillow stuffing, taking care to spread the stuffing evenly so the pillow doesn’t look lumpy. Stitch the remaining side to close it, then mark the center of the pillow with a pen. Position the ribbon in such a way so that its center lies on top of the mark, then stitch it to the pillow. Thread the ring through one side of the ribbon, then do the same to the other side with the other ring, then secure with a knot. 

This is a basic ring pillow, but if you want to amp it up a little, you can use coloured fabric that fits with your theme instead of white satin fabric. You may also attach a large silk flower near the area where the rings are going to be and trim the pillow with some coloured cord. If you have the time, try embroidering your names or initials onto the fabric before filling the pillow with stuffing.

Wedding Garter

A wedding garter only makes its appearance during the garter toss at the reception, so spending money on it can seem a little excessive. Instead, make your own garter by buying some elasticated or stretch lace trim and rhinestone embellishments. Choose decorative lace trim that’s at least 3 inches wide. White would be the traditional pick for the garter, but you can choose any colour if you want to personalise this item. Wrap the garter around your thigh, making sure to keep it a little tight since it’ll stretch once you wear it. Cut it to size and stitch the ends together to create a circle. Affix the rhinestones to the center of the garter with some crafting glue, and you’re done!

A similar elastic band can be made for a child to wear around the head.

Decorative Votives

Decorative votive candles can add a magical touch to your reception table. Instead of buying expensive predecorated ones, turn plain glass candle holders into wedding votives by gluing in some gold craft glitter in simple patterns to make them sparkle. You can also glue a bit of fake greenery onto the votives, or lace or faux flower petals for a romantic look.

Adding some DIY touches to your wedding can instantly personalise your special day. Not only will it make your nuptials more memorable, but you’ll also save some money by crafting certain elements for your wedding day. 

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