Design your own kitchen island

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DIY-kitchen-islandRecycle an old side cabinet into a chic, designer kitchen island.

Storage, extra bench space, a seating area, or to provide balance and flow to the kitchen, whatever your reason for it, a kitchen island can be a handy structure. But you don’t have to pay a small ransom for a designer one (unless you want to). Craft your own from an old side cabinet.


This side cabinet was the perfect choice, with several drawers and cupboards for storage and a lengthy surface area. Old cabinets can be sanded back and painted or stained, or given a shabby chic look, like this.


If the surface of your cabinet is unsuitable, apply thick wooden boards that can be stained or painted. The timber surface here has been stained to show the beautiful wood grain.

Often wooden cabinets have a veneer rather than solid wood on the back of them. Cover the back with wallpaper to match the rest of the room, or paint it to match the front of the cabinet. A wallpapered surface provides a contemporary feature.


Even in a small space, a kitchen island can add function and a focal point, as well as much needed storage space. This kitchen island also acts as a divider between kitchen and seating area.


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