Crazy quilt tea cozy

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Crazy quilt tea cosyThis cute design by Sharon Mann makes the perfect gift for friends. Or make it for yourself and invite the girls around for a cuppa to show it off. Visit Kreinik for all your supplies.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials needed:

  • Fabric: 1/8 yard (11.5cm) muslin, 1/4 yard (23cm) of white calico fabric, 1/4 yard (23cm) of contrasting fabric for lining, Scraps of fabric for crazy quilting (suggested colours: spring colors and a black flower print), 1/4 yard (23cm) quilt batting or felt
  • Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid in 023, 221, 015, 9194, 242, 032
  • Kreinik  Iron on #8 Braid in Pink 6120, Green 6350
  • Kreinik Iron on #16 Braid in: Spring Colors 6100, 6200, 6300
  • Kreinik Iron on 1/8″ Ribbon in: Orange 6250
  • Prym-Dritz – Stitch Witchery® Fusible Bonding Web 5/8″
  • Beads and buttons
  • White sewing thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • No. 2 Pencil
  • 12″ (30cm) piece of fancy yarn
  • 1 large colourful bead
  • Ruler
  • Kreinik Teflon Press cloth
  • Clover Mini Iron

Click on the links below to download the FREE PDF patterns for this design.

Pattern 1: Decorative Border Design and Teapot

Pattern 2: Pattern for Background Teapot Shape

Pattern 3: Teapot Shapes

Assembly Instructions:

1. Crazy Quilt Teapot: Crazy quilt the round pattern of the teapot (see Pattern 3). Start by cutting a 9″ (23cm) piece of muslin. Next, cut a five sided piece of fabric. Pin the fabric to the centre of your muslin block right side up, lay a second piece of fabric against it, face down, with two seams matching. Machine or hand stitch along that seam. Open the second fabric and trim the two edges even with the first fabric. Continue around the five sided centre piece. Continue in this fashion until you have filled the block. The beauty of crazy quilting – there are no rules.

2. Embroider Decoration: Using Kreinik Metallic Threads and Kreinik Iron on Threads, embroider a variety of embroidery stitches. Iron on threads along the seams of the crazy quilt pattern. Embellish with button, beads and lace. Use the round teapot pattern to cut shape out of crazy quilt shape. Leave a ¼” (6mm) for seam allowance (See Pattern 3).

3. Tea Cozy Fabric: Cut a 12″ x 18″ (30cm x 56cm) piece of white calico fabric. Fold the fabric in half. Draw a light pencil line down the centre of the fabric. Using a light table, trace the decorative border design lines on centre front of fabric. On back of fabric trace the teapot design on centre of fabric.

4. Iron on the Kreinik Iron on Thread #16 Braid colours to the decorative curly designs to the front of tea cozy. Iron on Kreinik Iron on Thread #8 or #16 Braid to the outline of the teapot on the back. Optional: Once the threads are ironed on, you can use the couching stitch for a secure hold on the decorative border lines on front and back. Add buttons and beads for embellishment (See Figure 1 and 2).

5. Front: Cut one piece of background teapot shape from pattern, preferably a darker fabric colour than the teapot (See Pattern 2). Centre the background teapot shape between the decorative borderlines. Baste around the outside edge. Position the spout and handle on the background teapot shape. Use fusible bonding web to secure the pieces in place and baste along the edges. Turn under the ¼” (6mm) seam allowance and sew the crazy quilt teapot to the centre of the background teapot shape fabric. Position the teapot lid on the top of crazy quilt teapot, use fusible bonding web to secure in place and baste along the edges. There will be a ¼” (6mm) of the background teapot shape fabric showing around the entire crazy quilt teapot. Iron on the Kreinik Iron on Thread 1/8″ Ribbon around the outside edge of the entire background teapot shape fabric (See Figure 1).

6. Cut a piece of 12″ x 18″ (30cm x 56cm) quilt batting or felt. Sew white fabric and batting together around the outside edge. Add quilting stitches around the teapot front and back.

7. Cut a contrast colour 13″ x 18″ (33cm x 56cm) for the tea cozy lining.

8. Finishing: With right sides facing, sew the tea cozy. With right sides facing, sew the lining. Turn the tea cozy right side out. Leave the lining wrong side facing, insert the lining into the tea cozy and turn up ¼” (6mm) of fabric to make a border along the bottom front of the tea cozy. Machine or hand sew a zigzag stitch or other decorative around the lining border. Optional: Sew on a piece of yarn across the top of the tea cozy and add a large centre bead.

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