Book giveaway: Notes from the Jam Cupboard

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Mary Tregallas’ gorgeous collection of preserves will have you and its recipients salivating. Mostly about preserves, but interspersed with anecdotes, literary quotations, a little bit of history and the odd folk remedy, Notes from the Jam Cupboard includes over 90 easy-to-follow recipes for all kinds of delicious sweet and savoury preserves, and ways to cook with them. You will find recipes for sweet jams, jellies and marmalades, savoury pickles, chutneys and ketchups, as well as cordials, vinegars and oils.

There are also a host of recipes using your homemade preserves as ingredients. How about pear and chocolate jam? Or banana jam and kaiserschmarren (emperor’s pancake)? Or mushroom, cranberry and pinenut tart?

Whether you are new to preserving or a seasoned jam-maker, this beautiful book will have you reaching for your apron.

Notes from the Jam Cupboard
Mary Tregellas
RRP $34.99
New Holland

We have 1 copy of Notes from the Jam Cupboard to give away. TO GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN A COPY, all you have to do is post a comment below. Anything will do. You can just say hello, if you like. Though we’d love to read your thrifty tips for the kitchen.


WINNER: Michaela Gordon

Congratulations Michaela! Your book is in the post.


  1. Hi, Am currently building a fruit and vege garden at our place and this would be fantastic to teach me how to preserve the additional food so it doesn’t go to waste.

  2. jodi mclean says

    Hi I always like to bulk out my meals with heaps of vegies to make it go further or cut meat up really small so just to give the taste of meat(for complaining husbands)

  3. Charlotte Daly says

    Grandma’s and Mums knew where it was at. Home grown, home cooked and sometimes a wee bit naughty is something our generation needs to reclaim. Thanks to wonderful books like this one, we can

    Good job

  4. Diane Spence says

    OMG it’s time to update my jam recipes and this is just the book to do it with. Please…………..pretty please.

  5. Currently enjoying a “back to the old ways” with food now the children are older and I have more time to potter in the kitchen and sooooo enjoying it.

  6. Lesley B says

    I love books on preserving as it really is easy once you know how.
    To help marmalade set make your own pectin by collecting apple cores and skins when peeling them and simmering just covered with water till soft.This can be frozen and used as part of the liquid when making marmalade or jam that also has water in it.I keep a bag in the freezer then make it up when I have enough.This also is a remedy for tummy bugs as the pectin gels the offending runs.

  7. I was given a huge bucket of Quince a few days ago. I had so much fun turning it into tasty Quince Curd and slow cooking a batch for dessert. The donor of the quince is having a birthday tomorrow, I hope she enjoys the Quince Curd.

  8. Never can have too many preserves recipes

  9. I remember watching my nanna making jams when I was little, and though I used to love to help, I’ve never made any myself. Perhaps this book will get me going!

  10. Katherine says

    I have taken a class in cheese making. I can’t tell you how much fun it is. I encourage anyone who is the least interested to give it a go. It is so much fun!

  11. Jo Kepple says

    I remember my mother making jam in her kitchen with her home grown fruit. She was a single mother and managed to bring up myself and my sister with no help from my father. She grew all her own fruit and veges, and spent many hours blanching and freezing, as well as preserving to ensure we had year round garden produce. Whatever was spare, she sold, and her preserves were very popular! As children we never realized how hard she worked and how special all her efforts were. Now we are parents ourselves we truly appreciate her selfless love and hard work, and her talent. Now I would love to have her homemade jam for my own children but sadly she is in the UK and it is a bit far to send the jam to Christchurch, if MAF would let it in! So I may have to learn to make jam myself. Once a confirmed city girl, I have started gardening, much to the surprise of everyone who knows me, and have 5 chooks in my suburban garden. The children have started to help out with with the garden and are excited to start harvesting our crops. We are hoping that this year the earthquakes do not disrupt the garden too much (last year we lost a lot of plants due to the water shortages) and we were out of our house for 6 months, so it was tough to keep everything growing. Here’s to a good year for growing and harvesting the fruits of our labour.

  12. I’m a newbie when it comes to jam-making, but looking forward to giving it my best!

  13. Is there anything better than homemade? I’d love to teach people how to make their own jams, pickles, preserves because not only do they save money but their products are healthier and all the good fruit and vegetables are put to great use.

  14. I am constantly looking for ideas on how to make things go further, reuse, preserve etc – so this book would be just the ticket!

  15. I love making any preserves, but I have never heard of “Banana Jam or Pear & chocolate”.
    They sound delicious!!!

  16. Rachelle says

    I have access to an orchard and hate to see any fruit go to waste, so I am always looking for ideas.
    I also love knowing exactly what is in the food that my family is eating. I keep old cotton pillow cases cut to size for tying up spices to go in sauce and chutney recipes, and I often sew them in using the sewing machine, if I can’t find what the children have done with the string.

  17. Mmmm, your book sounds yummy. I’d love to give these recipes a try!

  18. carolyn abraham says

    hi this would be great i have always wanted to make my own jam

  19. As a child growing up in the ’50s and ’60s I spent many years helping my mother make jams, pickles, chutneys, sauces and preserve summer fruits. She was meticulous in the culling of bruised or marked fruit with the result that her preserves were the envy of many. I can still see her watching the perfit seals of the preserving jars willing them to ‘drop’ which meant that the jar was sealed. Her advice to me, which I continue to follow, was to always have lemons close by when making jams – a dash or two of lemon juice along with a few seeds would increase the pectin level thus help the jam to set.

  20. Paul Greenfield says

    I need to get into preserving and making homemade jam. The neighbours have a particularly nice plum tree that hangs over our fence.

  21. Veronica Donaldson says

    Wow, how good does the jam on the front cover look!

  22. Pamela Donaldson says

    I preserve apples and would love to extend my skills to jams. Attempted a marmalade a few years back that did not come out well, so I need to get my confidence back I think.

  23. Making and storing jam is so on my to do list, what a gorgeous book

  24. Katherine says

    My six year old doesn’t believe you can make jam – you can only buy it in jars at the supermarket. I think I need to prove him wrong!

  25. I have never tried making jams, I have always been to scared of making a big mess of it!
    “Easy to follow” recipies sound fantastic. What a great thing to do on a winter afternoon.

  26. Ngaire M Phillips says

    Try mixing cape gooseberries with two or three granny smith apples. Makes yummy jam.

  27. Annaleena says

    So lovely pictures. Jam is also eating in Finland:)

  28. We would love to win this book! We have just started making jelly and finished our first batch of guava jelly yesterday! It would be fantastic to have some other recipes to hand! 🙂 🙂

  29. Jam making is once again becoming popular, I would love some new recipes to try.
    I always feel virtuous after preserving, a good feeling!

  30. Nikki Griffin says

    This is a great mag.Love the tips about time everyone got back to the basics

  31. Always love a chance to win a recipe book to try out!!

  32. Shirley Hastings says

    Currently in major Jam & Chutney mode!

  33. Paulette says

    I am going to start planting my own veg and fruit …thinking of starting with garlic and some snow peas….will find out what kind of fruit I can plant now……its a while yet before I am going to need to learn how to make preserves….however…I can easily drool on the pics of this amazing book….alot! 🙂

  34. I would love to give this to a friend who lost her nana at the start of the year and is now having to prepare for a future without her mum, who has terminal cancer.

  35. Mel Doogan says

    I love making use of fruit and veggies that would otherwise go to waste, always looking for innovative recipies!

  36. This book looks absolutely gorgeous – it would make a fantastic addition to my cookery book collection.

  37. I adore jam – my mother would make homemade jams every few weeks when I was a little girl. Nothing ever went to waste – fruit that would have otherwise ended up in the bin got turned into a delicious treat.

  38. My wife loves making preserves – this book would make a perfect present for her upcoming birthday – thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

  39. I have just discovered your beautiful magazine and I throughly enjoy it. This book looks like a treat – thanks for letting me know about it 🙂

  40. Tania Hooper says

    This year was the first year ever I made jam. My nana says I am now “mature”. My helpful advice is listen to your nana, and others, they have been making it for years, and then when you have it down pat, start to play around with it. I have made plans on a rubarb and fejoia crumble..

  41. I love pickles – my fav lunch of all time is fresh white crusty bread, butter & a pile of zuchinni pickles on top! Yummo!

  42. suzanne says

    Mm – mm – blackcurrants on page 2? Takes me back to when my Dad had three large blackcurrant bushes in the garden, one complete with bird’s nest and three little baby birds inside. We had enough fruit for jam for the whole year, as well as supplying fruit to our neighbours. Would love to try your recipe.

  43. Found some strawberries & guavas at the bottom of my freezer yesterday…..they are now the yummiest strawberry & guava jam ever! Waste not, want not!

  44. Leslie Whitehead says

    Im a newbie to this jam making caper but home made always tastes nicer and id love more recipes to try with my fruit from my orchard.

  45. Nardia Cooper says

    This book looks fantastic. We have just bought our first home and are busy planting fruit trees wherever we can fit them so it would be fab to win a book so I could learn to make it all into goodies to save for rainy days!

  46. Deborah Brown says

    This book looks fantastic…would love to win it!!

  47. Oh yum! I need this, we have lots of fruit in the garden that needs to be made into jam.

  48. Karen Knighton says

    Ooh yes, this is exactly what I need. I’ll put it on my birthday list in case I don’t win. And if I don’t win it, my vote goes to Jo Kepple given her touching post!

  49. Michaela Gordon says

    Ooooh. I’ve just made a load of feijoa chutney from our fruit-laden trees. Feijoas are also high in pectin so I use it when making jams as well to raise the pectin levels. Would love to win this divine-looking book to broaden my horizons.

  50. Recently I have made my first batch of jam. It was feijoa, and I looked everywhere for an easy recipe. It set beautifully and has a wonderful colour and taste. I’m hooked on making more, and look forward to using summers fruits also.

  51. Need more ideas to use up the garden fruit harvest!

  52. Just bought a new house with some amazing berrie bushes so some recipe ideas would be great!!

  53. Marilyn Samuels says

    Mmmm. Looks yummy. Would love this book.

  54. This book looks like a wonderful addition to ensuring a healthy preservative free diet. Would be great and well used with all the great fruits etc available from local Farmers Markets :))

  55. Val Wilkinson says

    I think no 11 deserves the book. Lovely stroy

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