Building a Perfect Meal

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The concept of this book is simple: start with a basic recipe and then elevate it into something spectacular with the addition of a few more ingredients.

Michelle Tchea’s lovely new book is for the novice cook, though more experienced cooks will find it useful too. From simple yet tasty bites such as French Toast and Crispy Potato Croquettes to more substantial dishes such as Pan-fried Seafood Bites with Horseradish Mayonnaise and Creamy Dreamy Seafood Stew, this collection of 100 recipes is put together with lots of love and commonsense.

Michelle is a qualified biomedical scientist who specialises in research and development in the food and beverage industry. Clearly she knows a thing or two about food. Michelle has very kindly allowed us to share some of her delicious recipes too (check out the Beetroot Cake with Chocolate Ganache, pictured above). See below for more details.

Building a Perfect Meal by Michelle Tchea
Penguin; ISBN 9789814351577
RRP NZ$37.00 or phone +64 (0)9 442 7400 / fax +64 (0)9 442 7401.

Building a Perfect Meal book giveawayGIVEAWAY!!
We have 1 copy of Building a Perfect Meal to give away. TO GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN A COPY, all you have to do is post a comment below. Anything will do. You can just say hello, if you like. Though we’d love to read your thrifty tips for the kitchen.



For DELICIOUS RECIPES from the book, including Spicy Curry Puffs, Curry Stuffed Flatbread, Avocado and Salmon Tasters, and Beetroot Cake with Chocolate Ganache, click on PAGE 2 below the sharing icons.

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  1. jodi mclean says

    hi would love to win this book it looks fantastic xx

  2. Charlotte Daly says

    I am a poor student and i need help with my cook book fetish. I have many years to catch up to my Nana’s and Mums library of delicious knowledge. Help feed my addiction to yummyness.

  3. Christine Ros says

    Have just discovered you and oh my goodness, love it!!

    • June Hughes says

      I look forward to your regular updates of delicous recipes and many interesting ideas!
      Thank you.

  4. Lesley B says

    This looks a good book to use up what we already have at would also be good for those who dont cook.

  5. I think the kids would be happy if i could create a perfect meal…… let’s just say I don’t stand a chance on master chef…

  6. Loving the mag and all the tips, helps and info

  7. Katherine says

    Sometimes I get into a rut with cooking for myself. I’d love a perfect meal!

  8. Oh, count me in. This looks great

  9. A great book to enhance the basics, sensible yet meals produced with flair!

  10. Would love this book. always on the search for new recipes and have a great stash of cookbooks to help me along the way.

  11. carolyn abraham says

    this would be a great book to have in my collection

  12. Looks like an awesome book – it’s always great having a cook book that is adventurous with new and different ways of mixing and blending ingredients

  13. Jo Taylor says

    What a fantastic idea! Looks like a great book.

  14. Veronica Donaldson says

    Awesome, please put me in. Thriftiness in the kitchen comes down to storage space. If you have the space you can really stock up on specials and it makes a huge difference to your weekly shopping total.

  15. Pamela Donaldson says

    Never underestimate how good a fry up of leftovers can taste! And you feel good about not being wasteful.

  16. Paul Greenfield says

    That age old advice about not shopping when you are hungry really helps save the unnecessary spending, aswell as the waist line.

  17. Love a cookbook that uses everyday ingredients and teaches you how to make delicious meals

  18. Ngaire M Phillips says

    Instead of grating lemon zest on a grater with the risk of losing finger nails, peel the skin thinly with a potato peeler. Put the required sugar for the recipe into a kitchen whiz, add peel and whiz until peel is fine. Good for lemon honey or lemon cakes.

  19. I love the sound of this book. Start simple & jazz it up. Can’t wait to try the beetroot cake!

  20. hello,loving the mag.
    another tip from me:
    smelly fridge? just pop some bicarb in a little saucer and put it in fridge.
    smells will be absorbed.

  21. I would love to give this to my student daughter, just to prove there is more in life than 2 minute noodles!

  22. Nikki Griffin says

    You have some really good ideas and I hope that this mag really takes off and love that it’s on line

  23. Cool! The easier the recipe, the better for me. Sounds like a good book.

  24. Shirley Hastings says

    Fabulous to have something different!

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