Birds of Beebe Woods

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Felt embroidery tutorial
Salley Mavor’s amazing needlework, Birds of Beebe Woods, is a true work of art. The talented crafter made it for a fibre art exhibit celebrating the town forest in her home town of Falmouth, Massachusetts, in 2012. Salley chose to feature birds, giving them a life-like appearance.

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“When planning the birds piece, I started with a simple sketch and then got to work on the woodsy border, with its felt-covered wire filigree stage curtains. The crow came next and then the other birds common to our area of New England, making a dozen total.”

To get an idea of what was involved, Salley shows us how she made the black-throated green warbler (above right), using matt board, wool felt and a selection of embroidered stitches. Check out how she did it here. It’s fascinating!

Then head to Wee Folk Studio’s (Salley’s website) archive section to learn more about Birds of Beebe Woods.

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