7 ways to style your house windows

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Windows have one of the loudest voices in your home. Your windows determine how much light and air will be let into your home. They also have a lot to say about the appeal of your home. For these reasons, windows shouldn’t be left bare to not impart a boring look to your home. You can maximize your window space by styling them with several window treatments. 

  1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds for windows have become trendy in recent times. This is due to the number of advantages attached to their use. They are durable, long-lasting, and versatile and they can complement many themes you may want for your home. They come in different minimalist and bold patterns, depending on your choice. Plus, they are very easy to clean. 

You can create custom window treatments for your home by combining vertical blinds with curtains. This is best, especially for a small room, because it helps to create an illusion of a large window. You may also want to use your home’s vertical blinds with bright colors to create a cozy ambiance.

  1. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are best for the living room. If you have large window spaces, these curtains will help to control how much light to let into your room. You’ll also enjoy your privacy without trading a good view. These curtains can be hung on your window with a rod. Ensure that your chosen color matches well with other decorative items in the room. 

If you have a window that opens to a balcony or garden, you should choose this option. The presence of flowers, hanging lamps, patio furniture, and others would add to the aesthetic appeal of your windows.

  1. Sheer Blinds

Windows with arcs are often more difficult to style. However, sheer roller blinds are the perfect remedy. These are especially good for you when you prioritize your privacy. Even when the sheer roller blinds are down, you would still have enough light passing through. Measure your window space and make the perfect fit for sheer roller blinds. Enjoy the comfort, beauty, and privacy they offer.

  1. Wooden Cornices

If you’re trying to give a traditional appearance to your home, wooden cornices are your best bet. Since they’ve been long forgotten, you can be sure you’ll be the unique one in the neighborhood with these window treatments. 

Depending on how you use wooden cornices, you could still achieve a simple and sleek modern look with them. They can be combined with beautiful curtains and flowers to boost the beauty they bring.

  1. Fabric Window Shades

There’s one room you may not be paying attention to – your kitchen! Don’t forget about the windows in your kitchen; they also need to be stylish. Choosing a window treatment for your kitchen requires attention. You should select one that’s easy to clean, would allow light and air in, and would give you a good view while you do the dishes or cook your food. 

Fabric window shades are often the most preferred for a kitchen window. They are easy to roll up to let light in. They are easy to clean and can be taken up or down as much as you want. You should go for solid colors that wouldn’t get stained easily and draw every eye’s attention to the window.

  1. Customized Blinds

These would be the best options for your bedrooms. Your bedroom should be cozy and comfortable. It should be well-aerated and with a mechanism to control the amount of light coming in. You may want to consider curtains, but having too many curtains might make your room look stuffy. This is because curtains occupy more space far beyond the window. Blinds would definitely be the perfect fit. They help to manage your window space well and are easy to control. You should choose blinds that will blend with the concept and design of your room or wall. You should go for transparent blinds to keep your bedroom well-lit and airy.

  1. Curtains

Curtains are good window treatments when you want to give your room a warm and cozy feel. Go for curtains made from high-quality fabric to ensure they’ll serve you for a long time. Get curtain holders, ribbons, and other decorative items to spice up the look.


Windows are one of the easiest spaces to beautify. There are several window treatment options you could go for, but selecting the wrong style wouldn’t give you the results you desire. Consider these styles carefully and choose the one best suits your window space and room.

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