Portuguese custard tarts

Portuguese tarts are typically made with just milk, but these tarts have some cream in them as well. They differ to ordinary custard tarts in that they have a crispy puff pastry.

Lime iced tea with cherry & blueberry Eccles cakes

Nice and easy, and utterly delicious to boot, Liz Franklin whips up some sweet treats that will have guests asking for more. Liz Franklin’s gorgeous book Tea & Cake: Perfect pairings for brews and bakes is a true delight. It’s a celebration of teas – black, white, green, flowering, and more – and the perfect […]

Chocolate almond braid

Some days you just want a treat. Or you want to whip up something truly decadent to show off to your friends. If you’re having the girls around for coffee, this braided pastry is quite the sweet treat.