Big event? Here’s how to find your formal dress!

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Take a leaf out of Cinderella’s book – the perfect formal dress can make or break the impression you make at an important event, and worn correctly, can be your greatest ally in highlighting your strong points while camouflaging the weaker ones. Throw in a handful of your favourite accessories, and you have a winner!

Speaking of accessories

It’s fun to go wild in your dress selection because with a formal dress code there’s no such thing as over the top. A formal dress code is a free ticket to dress up to the nines!

In order to create the best overall effect, remember to balance your dress and your accessories. If your dress is busy, intricate or sparkly, it shows up best against minimalist accessories, because in this instance the dress is doing most of the talking already. 

A simple design, on the other hand, is a blank canvas for big, bright and bold accessories, so ‘bling on’ the dramatic details to the outfit.

The recipe for the perfect look in a formal dress

Once you know your body shape and what works best for you, as well as the fabrics, colours and accessories you prefer, you are on the road to creating a formal look that will knock everybody’s socks off.

Formal events tend to be highly anticipated calendar dates, and it’s easy to see why – where else can you get away with a full (princess style if you like!) formal dress that turns heads and makes you feel fantastic?

Amazing things happen when the fabric is right

Soft and flowing fabric is a popular choice for formal dresses, and the reasons are many – from creating the perfect drape, to the cool and smooth feeling it gives when being worn, to soft lines and flattering design potential, the right fabric can go a long way in giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of. 

If you are of a larger build, a sturdy fabric will make you appear bigger than you are. Plus-sized figures really benefit from soft and flowing fabrics, which are far more flattering. 

If you live in a climate that allows it, try to find a dress in a fabric that can be worn across all seasons. This way you will be able to get far more wear out of the item. 

Don’t follow the straight and narrow

If you are an ardent follower of fashion, you might have already noticed the trend for asymmetrical dresses making a comeback. By playing around with the lines of the outfit, designers are able to create multiple visual lines that draw attention to different parts of the body, creating not only a unique look, but also a flattering design. 

The perfect formal dress is a meeting point of class and a sense of fun. Dress it up with the right accessories, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a winning look with your dress!

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