Book giveaway: Pretty Funny Tea Cosies

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Tea-CosiesAre you a knitter? We have 2 copies of this fun, quirky book, Pretty Funny Tea Cosies, to give away.

“A tea cosy makes a fabulous handmade gift. It is quirky, practical and no one has to wear it.” So says Loani Prior, author of this great new book, Pretty Funny Tea Cosies, and other beautiful knitted things.

The Queen of Tea Cosies is back with this collection of 15 pretty (and pretty funny) tea cosies and other knitted things. Loani continues to transform the humble little tea cosy into eye-popping pieces of art.

At the beginning there are instructions for knitting techniques, to enable you to complete your cosies, and throughout the book there are simple instructions and gorgeous images for each project. Great fun for the tea cosy nutter, and inspiring for both the novice and experienced crafter.

Pretty Funny Tea Cosies is published by Murdoch Books, RRP $29.99, available now.



We have 2 copies of Pretty Funny Tea Cosies to give away.

To ENTER THE DRAW TO WIN a copy simply post a comment below. Tell us whether you are new to tea cosies, or it’s a tradition that’s been in your family for years.


COMPETITION CLOSES ON 27 JULY, 2014 at midnight (NZ time).


  1. Audrey Van Dam says

    It has been a long time since I have knitted a tea cosy. Looking at this site has made me want to do it again

  2. Judie Flower says

    I love knitting teacozies, the more books on the subject, the better. I love the Sweet Living e_zine, I have a dedicated folder that they get saved to so I can go back to check them whenever.

  3. Barbara Taylor says

    I remember my grandmother always having a tea cosy for the pot. As a young girl I loved being able to choose which one was used from the drawer and would spend ages running my fingers over them looking at the different colours and patterns. I started knitting tea cosies eight years ago as therapy after a serious head injury. Today I have a beautiful collection of practical and whimsical cosies, including some made to the same pattern my great-grandmother used. I have Loani’s first book and would dearly love to add this to my bookshelf – the cover one is just divine!

  4. Possibly a tea cosy was the first thing I knitted under my Nana’s expert tuition. Haven’t made one for many years but I’d love to try the one on the cover of the book, so quirky and gorgeous.

  5. kylie whitaker says

    wow, I love tea cosies. Have started knitting them for friends and family not so long ago and would love to be inspired with new colours and patterns.

  6. Ngaire M. Phillips says

    I met Loani and her tea cosies last year. I haven’t knitted tea cosies for probably 50 years. Loani’s book would give me inspiration to start again for gifts. I really enjoy knitting with a challenge.

  7. I am yet to tackle a tea cosy. The book would certainly help!!

  8. Lynne Mckenzie says

    I started making tea cosies just over two years ago when my husband passed away suddenly, keeps my hands busy and my mind focused when I can’t sleep. I give them all away, so I have an excuse to make another one. They bring so much pleasure so very rewarding.

  9. Caroline says

    I would love to knit my own tea cosy as a good English tea drinker would make my pot of brew extra special!

  10. Jana Hayward says

    Love all her designs, and looking forward to this book.

  11. Sharee Sayers says

    I have never knitted a tea cosy, in fact I am not a great knitter, but I have recently been reading about crafts of the 30s to 50s and have seen photos of many amazing tea cosies. I would love to have a go at making some. They are like a little art form all on their own as well as being practical.

  12. my nana made me my first tea cosy. its pretty cool would love to learn him to crochet them

  13. Felicity says

    Family traditions: a big Sunday roast that lasts hours, a long walk after lunch, homemade pasties, chocolate chip biscuits straight from the oven, playing Christmas carols in July and drinking plenty of hot, black tea poured from a lovely old teapot that needs a beautifully exciting new cosy! The start of a new tradition ……….

  14. Connor Baker says

    I love tea cozies!! It’s a new obsession for me collecting vintage ones and making new ones!!

  15. sharon cannon says

    I have only made a tea cozy once many moons ago. But would love to have a lovely one for my current tea pot and make some for my girls who drink tea. Love all the tips you have. Saved many to my computer. Thanks.

  16. Christine Osmers says

    Brings back awesome memories and as I love my cups of tea I would lovecto have one of these.

  17. This is something new for me!

  18. Imelda Doogan says

    I have a very old post-war tea cosy knitting book.I saw Loani’s book in Spotlight recently, looked at it wistfully, then put it back! Would love to win it, especially as my daughter recently expressed an interest in having one.

  19. Patty Webb says

    Would love to win this…I have been a knitter almost 50 years…always looking for something new to knit.. <3

  20. I would love a chance to win! I have crocheted a tea cozy and sewn one but never knitted one. I saw this book recently online and put it on my wishlist. It has gorgeous designs 🙂

  21. Trish Webster says

    My family has used tea cosies since I was a baby. I have never knitted one though. I love the gorgeous ideas in this book, and feel the urge to make one, or 2, or more!!

  22. julie O'Dea says

    I have a tea cosy on my brown tea pot, green and orange, so ugly but yet it is comforting to place this knitted jacket on my pot because i always know it signals a chance to take time out and chat.

  23. Lois Hampstead says

    I love tea especially herbal and have many different teapots in all sizes so I would love this book to knit some cosies for them..

  24. kerry quested says

    i am new to tea cosies, never made before but keen to learn how

  25. I was new to Tea Cosies, and have attended one of Loani’s wonderful workshop 2 years ago at Warwick’s Jumpers and Jazz in July.
    Tea Cosies is not only creative, but healing as well.
    Still working on my wild tea cosies.
    Love your work Loani!!!

  26. My parents have been tea drinkers all their lives, and tea cosies were always used on the teapot. My mother is a wonderful knitter, and over the last few years has made quite a few different cosies for her teapots. If I won this book I would give it to mum, as I know she would love it (and maybe she might make one for my husband – the tea drinker in my house). Or maybe I would keep it for myself and learn to knit! LOL

  27. Margaret McGuigan says

    I’ve never knitted a tea cosie in my life. I just love the look of them and would like to have a go at actually knitting one. It could be interesting but I’m sure lots of fun.

  28. I enjoy knitting tea cosies and am always looking for new, fun ones to knit. My husband drinks Chinese tea at work, so I made him one (yes I really did – a manly style of course!) and he gets lots of comments on it.

  29. Tea cosies are very much a tradition in my family. I’ve recently gifted 5 tea cosies to family members. The most special to my Mum.
    They’re so jolly addictive to make. I love Loani’s designs, there so out of the box and great fun to knit!

  30. My aunt had a very old tea cosy which I found fascinating. I have always wanted one. After many years I have taken up knitting again and would enjoy the challenge of knitting one for myself.

  31. Gerda Vellinga says

    Tea cosies are the best!!! And have been a very longstanding tradition on my family. Unfortunately my mother could only knit one style of jumper for the whole family (we still talk and chuckle about those as they were invariably too tight with sleeves that were too long) and I have never attempted a tea cosy but would dearly love to.

  32. Katherine P says

    I’ve done one tea cosy (a strawberry) several times but would love to try some new patterns.

  33. Lynne Krebs says

    I have never knitted one but my grandmother used to make the most beautiful tea cosies and they lasted for years.

  34. robyn cook says

    I am not much of a tea drinker but when my sister in law Lizzie comes to visit the teapot makes an outing and is well used, so I am on the lookout to make one to brighten up her visits. The past 9 years have been a bonus for our family to have our beloved Lizzie as she had a heart transplant and everyday is a very grateful one to a family who had to go through so much so we could keep our family intact. I am very keen to give these cosies a try out with my knitting fingers.

  35. I’m a knitter but haven’t ventured to knitting tea cosies. I’m also on holidays at Noosaville at the moment. You never know, I may run into Loani!

  36. Donna Manson says

    I can’t knit to save my life, but I think they are amazing and much nicer than what my Grandma and Mum had on their teapots. Have a friend who knits would love to win for her so she can make me some. Thank you

  37. Linden Bird says

    I love making tea cosies except I crochet! So its about time I learnt to knit. At least I am sure to be inspired.

  38. A Reynolds says

    I only have one lonely tea cosy and it desperately needs a friend or two – after all with three teapots, each deserves their very own cosy.

  39. Lesley B says

    We always use a tea-cosy and having one in the wash my husband unearthed one that looks like an eiderdown.Wow with snow around what a difference it makes by keeping the tea really hot .I always made plain ones out of real wool for that reason but these look absolutely amazing and would make lovely Christmas presents too.

  40. I love tea cosies and have made two of them. They were meant to be gifted, but I kept them for myself instead!

  41. Dell Nolan says

    I am an avid crocheter but my mum knits beautifully. I’ve asked her to give me a few knitting lessons, this book would be the PERFECT thank you gift 🙂

  42. carolyn abraham says

    i enjoy wacky tea cosies

  43. Earlier this year I traveled to Bundaberg Art Gallery just to see Tea Cosies Exhibition and was so inspired by the quirky and unique tea cosys that I just have to win or buy this book to keep me inspired and knit my own.

  44. Tahnia Trusler says

    I met Loani a few years ago after her 2nd book came out. My daughter made her a lovely drawing of a tea cosie. Lovely lady and fantastic books. I’ve knitted a few as gifts but have gotten out of the vibe of late so perhaps this book could get me back in the swing of it.

  45. Debbie Snell says

    New thank you. 🙂

  46. From Anzac to Ukraine many of lives ups and downs have been shared with hands clasping a warm cuppa – cosies play their part – keeping that tea warm a little longer – your books have a definite place in our lives and it would be an honour to win one XXX Anja

  47. Moments of our lives shared over cuppas, the tea kept warm with these knitted teapot hugs, what could be better

  48. A teapot without a cosie is just plain ‘naked’. I just love all the knitted tea cosies in your books Loani. I already own one but have not attemped knitting one yet but is on my to do list. Listed on my ‘bucket list’ is to attend one of your workshops. I would love to see your talent come to life! I would just love to win your latest book.

  49. Madame Wombat says

    I have always loved Tea Cosies. They represent comfort, homely smells and safe places. They bring happiness and smiles to an ordinary table setting by their mere presence. As books are to a study, tea cosies are to a kitchen. <3

  50. Janette Clark says

    A huge tea-hea-hea for my Licorice Allsort, thanks Loani (I think), but my sister loved it!! Now, time to be more creative. I would so love to win this new book .. to show I actually can knit, and think of my late Mum with every click clack of my needles.

  51. I’m a rubbish knitter so l bought the second book for one of my sisters, who loves knitting in the hope that l might get one. That was a couple of years ago – still waiting….. This weekend just gone l bought the first one for another sister, again l wait in hope. Just in case perhaps we can have the trifecta between all of us and l can learn.

  52. Iman Aziza says

    I have fond memories of sitting down to a cuppa with my granny when I was little. There was always a tea cosy that she had made involved. I love knitting & made my first tea cosy recently using one of Loani’s patterns. The colours were inspired by my recent outback road trip.

  53. Joie Symes says

    I’m a keen knitter , but sadly in the last couple of years, my shoulder has prevented me from this favourite past time. I’ve just had an operation to fix it, so I need the inspiration of this FABULOUS book of FABULOUS cosies to look forward to!!

  54. Fireflysummer says

    My Grandmother was an avid knitter of tea cosies from as far back as I can remember, they were plain, simple and practical.
    My introduction to making tea cosies came when I spotted your first book “Wild tea cosies” in my local book store and I fell in love with all the amazing designs. I have collected each book as it has come along and am amazed as to where you keep getting the inspiration from to come up with so many funky ideas.
    My darling husband asks me constantly, why do you keep making tea cosies, are you addicted to them? you don’t even drink tea. I really love giving them away and seeing the face on the person when they unwrap their new cosie.

  55. Linda Conwell says

    Just love Loani’s amazing designs. I have a daughter who is a “Teaaholic” and I intend to make her one for Christmas.

  56. Wendy Harvey says

    Just inspiring although I have knitted and crocheted tea-cosies for many years. I love my cup of tea..

  57. Oooo I love tea cosies – my Gran was always knitting and using them. She taught me to knit and I have developed her love of tea also so what a fabulous way to remember her! Now to dust off my teapot and throw away my tea bags in favour of real leaves again … ahhh, the simple joy of a well brewed cuppa 🙂

  58. I love tea cosies and desperately want to learn how to knit one. I would love to win this book to teach me and give me inspiration

  59. Nieves De Francesco says

    Saw this book recently on display, as a tea drinker I would love to attempt some of the tea cossies, they are definitely inspiring and fun.

  60. Sheila Freeman says

    I just love these tea cosies, not actually knit one as yet but have a big wool stash and really want make these and to introduce my grandaughter to the art of taking tea, including tea pot and beautiful china tea cup and saucer.

  61. I have never had one and I can not knit to save myself! Would love one to pop on my tea pot! 🙂

  62. Kathy McGee says

    I am new to knitting tea cosies, but my lovely mum used to knit lots of them. I still have a dear little pink one she gave me the first year i was married, back in 1982. i have been using it ever since. LOL!! However, as i now have 3 grown up daughters, who also love tea as much as me, and a wonderful selection of teapots, i thought it time to start knitting them for myself. I have knitted 2 (well almost knitted 2), gorgeous tea cosies from Loani’s book Wild Tea Cosies, and would really love a copy of this beautiful looking new book “Pretty Funny Tea Cosies…”. Thanks for the chance of winning one!!!

  63. Helen Carr says

    I have knitted a few tea cosies. They are fun to do and a fantastic gift. I would love to get re motivated with a new book. I have a stunning tea cosie that I found in an op shop. It has a china doll that has been sewn to the cosie. I love it! I have always thought that collecting tea cosies would be fun. A tea cosie book would be well used and treasured!

  64. Love tea cosies but have never tried knitting one. This book looks awesome!

  65. Paula Hudson says

    new to tea cosies

  66. aaron terrence says

    Yes plz love to win I have one tht I was given but its had it, good way to keep the tea warm in winter

  67. Beautiful!!! I inherited an old tea cosy from my aunt, which I love, and ever since I’ve been hankering to make one. Would love to win!

  68. Donna Hubbard says

    I couldn’t believe the tea cosies I came across at the Brisbane Craft Show, absolutely out of this world. They instantly make you feel good when you see them! I have since tried to find and keep track of Loani the tea cosie Lady just to see the wonderful tea cosies. I love to knit and have attempted and finished Nemo the tea cosy. I think for a first attempt he’s pretty cool but afraid I’m hooked now on tea cosies , and didn’t even realise the wonderful patterns you can make for a tea pot. Can’t wait to see and try the book.

  69. Anne McNulty says

    I have always wanted a tea cosy because they make me feel warm and cosy. And I would love to knit one of those wonderful designs for myself and my friends, I can see us sitting down to afternoon tea – oh bliss!

  70. I love this tea cosy. It’s so cute. My Mum always uses a tea cosy but I never have. I’m not sure why. Now that I think of it, it’s a really good idea. I always end up heating my tea with boiling water. If I win this book I will be able to make lots and never have to drink cold tea again!

  71. My love of tea cosies is relatively new to me as I could never understand why you would need one. I grew up in a tea bag household and its only been in the last 18 months that I have discovered leaf teas, and therefore tea pots! I crocheted a tea cosy just for fun and suddenly found out what generations of women before me knew, – tea cosies actually keep the tea warm for longer! Such an obvious thing! you may say! and the other benefit is that you can give your teapot a new dress and who doesn’t love a new dress 🙂

  72. I was the lucky winner of this book! I received it last week….. What a fantastic book and thank you !! Just love it… now to get the knitting needles out 🙂

  73. Ngaire M Phillips says

    Years ago I made a tea cosy in entrelac pattern. It was very successful. Having met Loani and seen her books I would really like to win a copy of her latest. It has given me iinspiration of what to make for gifts now that I am unpacking wool after moving house. Thank you Loani for giving me the urge to get my needles out again.

  74. Narelle Craufurd says

    Knitting is my mind yoga. Love making quirky toys. these look amazing. Terrific gifts for my tea loving family that will keep knitting alive.

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